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Email Self-Defense guide to free software-powered encryption

At Connectikpeople, we are proud to observe that, more and more, people, users, organizations and businesses of all sizes are aware of the benefits of free software, for their productivity, performance, agility, security, privacy, and freedom.
Version four of Email Self-Defense guide to free software-powered encryption is now available with powerful improvements to help challenge the global bulk surveillance system.
The guidealso includes many technical points; links to external resources; new advanced sections so that skilled users, as well as beginners, can learn something new.
At the core of the momentum, a longtime friend of the Free Software Foundation (FSF); Andrew Engelbrecht. Edward's source code, can be downloaded from Email Self-Defense.

End-to-end suite of digital video solutions: IBM Bluemix + the open Ustream Development Platform

We are now deeply aware of the powerful stakes around Cloud-Based Video services, technologies and trends.At IBM, one can easily observe that, IBM Cloud is assembling streamlined capabilities into the new Cloud Video Services with the goal to help you across a wide range of industries integrate video into a strategic source of data. This includes media & entertainment, retail, education and government services.  The recent acquisitions including: Clearleap, Aspera and Cleversafe, as well as IBM R&D innovations are at the core of this momentum.
By combining these innovations, it is obvious that, IBM can enable you to easily ingest, store and manage live and on-demand video, enhance them through analytics, apply rights management and language capabilities, and distribute them consistently across the globe. IBM will integrate Ustream's development platform into Bluemix (Platform as Service).