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Bistri announces the WebRTC revolution: stake and opportunity

Created  on the bet that, WebRTC technology would be available to everyone within 2 years after the creation of the first IETF and W3C specifications, since March 18, 2013 Bistri announces the WebRTC revolution into its platform. That means: a growing number of users , audio and

Google + is introducing the new Hangouts Capture app: take pictures of your Hangouts-in-progress.

Since March 18, 2013 officially Google is introducing progressively the new Hangouts Capture app.  This means that now you can take pictures of your Hangouts-in-progress, you can snap photos of your Hangout view with a single click; all photos are saved to a shared album, visible only to other Hangout invitees.

GIFs animés désormais disponibles sur Google : Procédures et Enjeux.

Quoique très fastidieuse comme procédure (plus de trois clics) pour atteindre les GIFs animés, c’est une innovation qui vient tenir compte d’une tendance qui se développe sur internet. En effet les GIFs animés rentrent progressivement dans les habitudes des internautes et mobinautes. Généralement courtes et largement partager sur Google+, ces GIFs en majorité to help French startups flourish and keep them at home. Season 4 opens

This is a challenge of Google. In fact since three years Google supports an exciting project in France called Le Camping. Therefore each six months, 12 new startups are chosen to “camp” in what used to be the offices of the French Stock Exchange. There, entrepreneurs and engineers, coach the “campers,” teaching them how to develop their business and find

The jQuery Mobile 1.1.2. ,Now available and contains fixes throughout the library.

This is the second maintenance release for 1.1; therefore it includes fixes throughout the library. If interested, you try it here!
However for those who unfamiliar Query's mobile philosophy can be summarized like: a unified user interface system that works seamlessly across all popular mobile device platforms. It Focuses on a feature-rich but lightweight codebase built on progressive

Google Releases Google Chrome 25.0.1364.173 to address multiple vulnerabilities.

Henceforth available Google Chrome 25.0.1364.173 new release addresses multiple vulnerabilities which may allow an attacker to cause a denial-of-service condition or execute arbitrary code.
Therefore Connectikpeople encourages users and

The Blind Reader: a device that looks like a smartphone but functions like a text-to-Braille converter.

Designed by Jia Mengyin and Bao Haimo, this project aims to help the sight impaired read almost any publication without it being specially printed in Braille.
This also allows save the cost of a specialized printing but also make a lot more reading material accessible to the blind. The Blind Reader is a device that looks like a smartphone but functions like a text-to-

Google Flight Search : les vols les moins chers depuis des aéroports Européens.

En tout cas s’est ce qu’annonce Google avec son nouveau service Google Flight Search en Europe. En effet à la suite de son lancement aux Etats-Unis, il y a presqu’un an Google Flight atterri lance en France au Royaume-Uni, en Italie, en Espagne et aux Pays-Bas. De quoi inquiéter les voyagistes traditionnelles de ce côté. Mais

Optimiser le code PHP de manière dynamique : enjeux et acteurs

En Mars 2013, PHP est largement utilisé sur le web en termes d’applications exécutées et de la gestion des contenus. Une réalité qui a favorisé le développement de plusieurs startups spécialisées dans l’optimisation du code PHP de manière dynamique. C'est-à-dire entre autres faire tourner plus rapidement les applications utilisant le PHP en

29 amazing Tools to Enhance Your Business Blog: stakes and opportunities

Socialmediaexaminer has released this guest post for those who looking for cool blogging tools to enhance your business blog.
According to them, the right mix of blogging plugins and widgets can make it easier to blog and also help you achieve your business goals.
Therefore to help you keep up with the latest and greatest, they

Evernote Food now accommodates a new update in version 2.1: stake around recipes, restaurants and search.

For those unfamiliar, with your Evernote app you can discover, save restaurants. Document all your cooking and dining experiences with photos and notes. Share your meals.
The new version 2.1 available since March, 19, 2013 henceforth allows you add your recipes from Evernote to Evernote Food's My Cookbook section using a specified notebook

The Serendipity Emotion Player: to play songs according to your mood and in lay terms

Designed by Kyuho Songthe Serendipity Emotion Player aims to take into account your emotional status by interpreting the color that your subconscious mind chooses and then plays songs accordingly. The player is equipped with a camera and the user is supposed to point it towards a colored object.