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Bistri announces the WebRTC revolution: stake and opportunity

Google + is introducing the new Hangouts Capture app: take pictures of your Hangouts-in-progress.

GIFs animés désormais disponibles sur Google : Procédures et Enjeux. to help French startups flourish and keep them at home. Season 4 opens

The jQuery Mobile 1.1.2. ,Now available and contains fixes throughout the library.

Google Releases Google Chrome 25.0.1364.173 to address multiple vulnerabilities.

The Blind Reader: a device that looks like a smartphone but functions like a text-to-Braille converter.

Google Flight Search : les vols les moins chers depuis des aéroports Européens.

Optimiser le code PHP de manière dynamique : enjeux et acteurs

29 amazing Tools to Enhance Your Business Blog: stakes and opportunities

Evernote Food now accommodates a new update in version 2.1: stake around recipes, restaurants and search.

The Serendipity Emotion Player: to play songs according to your mood and in lay terms