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With, Google Capital unveils progressively its colors.

The recent Asia/Pacific Data Center Index study: ‘Singapore and Taiwan are Top Data Center Locations in Asia Pacific’.

Concepts d’identité numérique et d’e-réputation pour les entreprises: enjeux et opportunités.

Find intuitively the pedestrian route to a destination without relying on a map in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan: MapFan AR Global paves its way.

The Capgemini application’s Landscape Report 2014 within international organizations, captured by

Indoor mapping: the real value of TomTom.

Funding: Reflektion, ClassDojo, and Play-i can now expand their team, and ramp-up sales and marketing.

Global standard for Digital Transaction Management: DocuSign paves its way

Data management and analysis space: with Adminiscope, a software-as-a-service (SaaS), Pythain paves its way.

Confidently deploy Android devices with a mobile security solution protecting data and apps: Good Technology strengthens Samsung KNOX.