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The Connected Wearables Market worldwide: trends, products, keys actors and challenges.

We are still at the early stage of this nascent industry (activity trackers, smartwatches, smart glasses and medical devices).  Despite lack of viral traction in terms of design, style, comfort, content and services, connected wearables are becoming increasingly popular on many markets globally. Smartwatches became more and more available in 2014. Android Wear smartwatches from Sony, LG, Motorola and Asus entered the market to compete with existing offerings from Pebble and Samsung. Smartwatches are the second largest category of connected wearables.
The Apple Watch will enter the market soon. Traditional watch vendors will also enter the market in the coming years, both with smartwatches capable of running third party applications as well as traditionally styled watches with basic smartphone notification features. 
Shipments of smart glasses have so far been very modest, but promising use cases in specific markets such as enterprise and medical as well as in niche segments of the consum…

Technologies and good practices empowering the Smarter Workplace.

If a set of bottlenecks remain visible within numerous companies, when it come to digitalize, it is also obvious that, growing number of companies are transforming the way they manage business assets, employees, and their customers. 
In fact, to deal with our disruptive business environment, they need real-time information, efficient and productive technologies for faster decision making processes, for managing employees, customers, policies and regulations. 
Flexibility, scalability, agility, efficiency and productivity, are henceforth required for the end-to-end competitiveness. 
Collaborative work platforms to operate closely with the various stakeholders are now vital. Research and Markets in its recent reportprovides the following (susceptible to help you): A brief snapshot of smarter workplaces Overview of the SIXMIX framework Technologies enabling SIXMIX Key Industries having maximum impact Convergence prospects Roadmap of the enabling technologies.

SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM): The AppNeta Quick Start Workflows for Office365.

In our cloud-driven world, manage and monitor the performance of your SaaS solution is more than vital, when it comes to increase revenue and reduce churn , achieve higher customer satisfaction, faster mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), and lower operational costs.
This means inter alia that, IT teams and developers need the real-time ability to provide SaaS-based full-stack performance insight from the end user through the network to the application. 
They need real-time capabilities to make it easy to identify and resolve problems in the application, the code, or the network.
Thanks to QuickStart Synthetic Workflows for Office365 and Athenahealth which allow AppNeta users to monitor these SaaS applications from the end user, through the network, and more.