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The launch of TIVI, as a secure, verifiable online voting solution for governmental elections

At the center of stakes, we have the ability meet the needs of Election Management Bodies seeking to enfranchise overseas and ex-pat voters, modernize traditional forms of remote voting and to reduce the challenges typically associated with election participation from remote environments. 
Smartmatic announces the launch of TIVI, an online voting solution for governmental elections utilising advanced cryptographic technique, with the goal to guarantee voter privacy and vote security. 
A tool can respond to growing trends such as declining participation and the mobile lifestyles of the electorate.

Cloud Customer Architecture e-Commerce Whitepaper

At the heart of stakes, we have: more effective shopping experiences to users; value in supply chain, and the ability to leverage cloud computing to support e-Commerce solutions.
In effect, I have a pleasure to recall that, Cloud Standards Customer Council™ (CSCC™) has published a new reference architecture, Cloud Customer Architecture for e-Commerce, which was written to help technologists leverage cloud computing to support e-Commerce solutions.
I can observe that, the reference architecture is a vendor-neutral and best practices approach to describing the flows and relationships between business capabilities and architectural components for e-Commerce applications that use cloud computing infrastructures, platforms and/or services. 
Applications comprising the core components of the architecture may be delivered as a service, from on-premises, or hosted.

Here is How Mobile Advertising Impacts Consumers’ Minds

Mobile Advertising is increasingly at the heart of multiple stakes and experiences that require streamlined paradigms. 
Within this post, the findings of an in-depth neuroscience study that assessed multiple mobile advertising formats to determine which are most captivating for consumers and which could potentially cause aggravation. 
The “Captivate vs. Aggravate” study, conducted with neuroscience research firm MediaScience, analyzed consumers’ rational and emotional responses to four mobile ad formats within premium editorial environments. 
One can observe that, it tracked neurological reactions to various types of mobile ads via participants’ eye movements, biometric responses and attitudinal changes. Key findings from the study include: Size is important for mobile ads, and bigger is not necessarily better. Interstitial ads, which pop up and block the entire mobile screen, are the most disruptive and intrusive. While “technically” viewable, the attention to this format…

Technical Limitations and accelerators of the global Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare market

Steadily and surely, the Growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare market is fueled by increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, rising number of aged population globally and higher efficiency provided by use of IoT in healthcare.  I can also recall that, other factors such as availability of high speed internet and favorable government regulatory policies are also expected to boost market growth.
However, certain limitations of IoT in healthcare segment poses challenge to growth of the industry. Some of these are lack of interoperability, privacy and security concerns and lack of regulatory oversight.

GE Digital + Bosch Software Innovations to help to help machines and devices understand each other

I want to recall that, in any IoT application, things need to be connected to a backend where data and functionality of the devices are leveraged to provide higher-level business value.
At the heart of stakes, we have: interoperability and open source collaboration. In effect, GE and Bosch are working together to shape the connected world through a collaboration between the software divisions of both organizations, GE Digital and Bosch Software Innovations. 
The agreement focuseson technology interoperability and platform integration through GE’s Predix operating system and the Bosch IoT Suite. 
Both companies intend to establish an open source-based technical IoT core and jointly grow a larger ecosystem around this technology stack, which IoT platforms can be built upon. Key engagement is within the Eclipse Foundation, one of the major global open source software communities, where both companies are members.

Here is why the global Mobile commerce or m-commerce market is highly competitive

One can easily observe that, the global m-commerce market is highly competitive because of the presence of many large established players on the basis of product portfolio, pricing, delivery and payment options, policies, varieties, offers, and brands. 
Vendors are also investing in planning, designing, developing, acquiring new players, and expanding existing facilities. 
The competition will become more intense among the vendors to deliver advanced technology to gain competitive advantages.

The impact of the rapid technological advances in Mobile commerce or m-commerce

It is now clear that, technological innovation and creativity play a significant role in driving the m-commerce market growth. To sustain in the competitive market, vendors not only have to develop new ideas and technologies but also have to stay up-to-date with the emerging technologies. 
For those who are unfamiliar, Mobile commerce or m-commerce refers to buying and selling of goods and services using hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets. Rapid technological advances have brought significant growth to the mobile device and global m-commerce market, with more and more people inclined to use smart devices to carry out their m-commerce activities. 
The growth of the global m-commerce market is mainly driven by factors like increasing wireless connectivity, growing broadband infrastructure, declining cost of mobile devices, and increasing presence of m-commerce apps. The increased spending capability of individuals has also resulted in the higher adoption of m-commerce.
The globa…

At the core of the availability of the Ansible Tower App for Splunk

At the core of stakes, we have: Customized reports; facilitated operational decisions and activities; operational audit data; vital systems state and performance statistics. We also talk about: consumable data IT Teams need to make decisions about their IT infrastructure and processes. 
Additionally, we have at the center of stakes:Automation data streams; wealth of information about what’s happening in a modern enterprise IT environment. Access to the Ansible Tower audit and metadata streams from within the Splunk pPplatform; visibility into the provisioning, deployment and configuration management task automated by Ansible.
In effect, theavailability of the Ansible Tower App for Splunk, an application that integrates Ansible Tower by Red Hat with Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk Cloud brings the power and variety of Splunk analytics queries to Ansible Tower automation, and enables Ansible Tower and Splunk users to view rich Ansible automation data in Splunk solutions where it can be corr…