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Virtual reality experiences: The Rift’s Recommended Spec by Oculus and Oculus PC SDK 0.6.0 Released.

When it comes to Virtual reality (VR) experiences, the combination of sophisticated VR hardware, the right content, and an appropriate system, is the game changer.

Great experience, simplified development, improved performance and rendering quality lead the excitements.
In this momentum, Oculus the Facebook Company recommends the following system for Rift: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greaterIntel i5-4590 equivalent or greater8GB+ RAMCompatible HDMI 1.3 video output2x USB 3.0 portsWindows 7 SP1 or newerRift details, are available here: "Powering the Rift".

The Oculus PC SDK 0.6.0, now available on the Oculus Developer Center, includes the following major changes: Compositor serviceLayersRemoval of application-based distortion renderingSimplification of the API

You can read the full release notes for 0.6.0 here

Allow businesses to capture the real opportunities in the age of digital transformation.

At we believe that, emerging technologies including Cloud, Big Data/Analytics, Social Business and Mobility, progressively widely applied in various industries will become the mainstream of the ICT market.
Reason recalls that, Allow businesses to capture the real opportunities in the age of digital transformation, also means help businesses understand that, the technologies below based on Cloud, Big Data/Analytics, Social Business and Mobility will accelerate global business innovation: 
1.Robotics: enabling super-automatic flexible production and provision of services, and speeding up manufacturing transformation and upgrade 2.Natural interface: making products or systems easier to use and more intelligent and comprehensively upgrading the user experience 3.3D printing: achieving large-scale customization of manufacturing, meeting personalized needs of consumers, and driving manufacturing innovation 4.IoT technology: pushing the limits of sensing and …

Video delivery to Citrix infrastructures in our mobile age.

In our mobile age deeply shaped by the proliferation of mobile video, optimized video for executive communications, sales enablement, regulatory training, and other needs for enterprises are critical when it comes to improve learning and understanding, and deliver key messages and content.
This is a new holistic way to helping organizations and enterprises improve their communications with employees, partners and customers around the globe.
Qumu has developed the Video Optimization Pack for Citrix by providing integrations with Citrix VDI and XenApp infrastructures, enabling endpoints under management to request and play highest quality streaming video. 
The Video Optimization Pack for Citrix connects Citrix VDI and XenApp servers to Qumu’s Video Control Center.

Strategy insights and market data for You and companies engaged in the rapidly developing biometrics sector. Biometrics Advisory Service plunges you henceforth into the biometrics market and trends with actionable insights , critical data and covers inter alia: market trends and opportunities surrounding biometric modalities, enabling technologies, hardware devices, and software and services across million of use cases that span consumer, enterprise, and government applications.
Advances in mobile computing  and the increased availability and lower cost of robust sensor technology among others shakes up this industry.
Connectikpeople.coBiometrics Advisory Servicefocuses on both mobile and stationary technology solutions for biometrics.  Feel free to contact us and submit your technology.

Biometrics-enabled experience management in our data age.

Our digital age is deeply marked by huge amount of unstructured data from social networks. This data set is henceforth at the core of numerous geo-economic and geostrategic stakes.
In this context, beyond the traditional data sources, such as network, Geo-localisation and device, various dimensions of biometric data, including facial recognition, fingerprinting, voice measurement and more, streamline and humanize our digital experience with accurate and comprehensive intelligence.

Security Advisories for TelePresence Products recalls that, Cisco has released two security advisories to address multiple vulnerabilities in TelePresence products. Successful exploitation could allow an attacker to bypass system authentication, execute arbitrary code with elevated privileges, or cause a denial-of-service condition.
Therefore, Users and administrators are encouraged to review Cisco Advisories cisco-sa-20150513-tc and cisco-sa-20150513-tp and apply the necessary updates.

IBM X-Force Exchange Threat Intelligence in our digital age.

As you can imagine, data is the most critical asset in our digital age. Customer data, enterprises data, corporate data, public data, personal data, sensitive data and more are at the core of the most sophisticated and persistent cyberattacks. 
If the big threat (data leaks, data loss, negligence and ill-practices) remains within the companies, encourages you to foster also a collective and collaborative approach across the public and private sectors to defend against cybercrime.
Better understanding potential attacks and anticipating measures to mitigate them are vital like reports of live attacks; complete catalogs of vulnerabilities; Threat information; Malware threat intelligence; Deep intelligence and Reputation data.
In this momentum, the IBM X-Force Exchange features a collaborative, social interface enabling users to ‘easily’ interact with, and validate information from, industry peers, analysts and researchers. With a library of APIs, security analysts can fac…