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Sustainable and actionable technological trends captured for you this week

Stakes remain the same, when it comes to security, enhanced productivity, performance and flexibility. So, during this week, has observed that:
The shift of VC focus from user-growth startups to revenue-growth plays represents a new landscape for growing tech companies.

Software development has reached new levels of sophistication and utility, dev teams are expected to do more with the same resources year over year.

From fast-growing disruptors like Uber to “knowledge worker” startup Upwork, technology is unlocking new ways for freelancers. Increases in speed and efficiency are making cloud more profitable for providers and more affordable for consumers.

The technology behind server farms has become exponentially more sophisticated. There is a noticeable shift from amassing large sets of data to actually gaining meaningful information from the data.

A new analytics product called Pinpoint combines big data with a sophisticated back end that categorizes and contextual…

The next big thing in data and analytics.

Data and analytics are at the core of productivity, security, performance and profitability in our digital age. Many organizations and businesses of all sizes are now working in real-time to leveraging this momentum.
Scalable data unification platforms are indispensable in this quest, when it comes to recognize and embrace the reality of heterogeneous data; be more informed, efficient and successful; reduce the time and effort required to connect and integrate diverse, siloed data for business analytics, and more.
Machine learning algorithms with collective human insight, play a determinant role in this process by identifying inter alia: sources, understand relationships and curate the massive variety of silo-ed data.
Tamr’s scalable data-unification platformpaves its way in this market, helping enterprises to use all their data for analytics. We are there to help, streamline and boost your end-to-end digital experiences, so feel free to submit your app or technology for a global fit an…