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Tech: Inside the Ushahidi Platform for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping

There is always any stereotypes on the mind of some Africans or west people that innovations, technologies… could not come from Africa .But since Connectikpeople exists we have the opportunity to find out that ,the innovations, technologies …are not the own of some people ,skin or countries. But it is fact of work, searching and science. Now Connectikpeople is pleased to focus on The Ushahidi Platform which is from Kenya. It is a free Platform for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping, under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) The Ushahidi gives you rich information mapping tools; you can also filter your data by time, see when things happened and where, collect your information via SMS, e-mails, Twitter and web-forms. See Demo.

Mobile Banking:the most developed mobile payment system in the developing world from Kenya

The initial concept of M-Pesa was to create a service which allowedmicrofinanceborrowers to conveniently receive and repay loans using the network ofSafaricomairtime resellers.This would enablemicrofinanceinstitutions (MFIs) to offer more competitive loan rates to their users, as there is a reduced cost of dealing in cash. The users of the service would gain through being able to track their finances more easily. But when the service was trialled, customers adopted the service for a variety of alternative uses and complications arose with Faulu, the partnering MFI. M-Pesa was re-focused and launched with a different value proposition: sending remittances home across the country and making payments. M-Pesa is abranchless bankingservice, meaning that it is designed to enable users to complete basic banking transactions without the need to visit abank branch. The continuing success of M-Pesa inKenyahas been due to the creation of a highly popular, affordable payment service with only limi…

Internet:Guestpost:Inside The Anatomy of a Perfect Website as from 2013

"Websites need a formula – a vivid blueprint that painstakingly weaves technicality, design and detail into something iconic and memorable. Without it, most wouldn’t

Mobile App: check if medicine is authentic or not with a simple text message in Africa.

Fake pills and pharmaceuticals are a massive problem in the developing world. Especially in Africa. According to theWorld Health Organisationestimations :they account for 30% of all medicines on sale, and kill up to 2,000 people daily worldwide. Simons's idea from Ghana is to put a code on all packaging, enabling consumers to check if it was authentic or not with a simple text message. mPedigree Organisation,now works with 20Telecoms companies and is in discussions with two dozen more. Its system has appeared on 6.5m packs of medicine and been adopted as the national standard in three different countries. The system is now being taken beyond Africa. It's become a model for the industry in India and is being extended across south Asia. (source :The Observer)

Internet : Lumière sur les Enjeux mise en œuvre site web Bourse du Livre au Cameroun dès 03 septembre 2012

Depuis 2008 le livre scolaire ou le manuel scolaire est libéralisé et  donc devenu par ricochet un produit commercial comme tous les autres. En 2012 environ 56% des auteurs sont Camerounais et 36% sont des éditeurs. Dans ce que l’on peut appeler business du livre ou du manuel scolaire, il en résulte beaucoup de problématiques notamment : Disponibilité en temps réel des manuels scolairesRémunération catastrophique des auteursContrefaçon
Le coût plus ou moins élevé des manuels scolaires En ce qui concerne les tarifs et prix des manuels scolaires, le ministre du commerce du pays a homologué ces derniers afin de réduire plus ou moins la surenchère autour de ces œuvres à l’approche de la rentrée scolaire 2012-2013. une initiative de NANA Payong, conçue et administrée par les étudiants de l’université de Dschang, le site web est disponible dès le 03 septembre 2012 et permettra aussi aux parents d’élèves de : Comparer les prix officiels livres et manuels officielsAcheter et écha…