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The Google News Publisher Center: stakes and opportunities.

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls that, if you are a news publisher, please regularly check Google Webmaster Tools to be sure that your new content  appears up in Google News: benefit from better discovery and classification of your news content. Henceforth, Google helps you make changes within their record ( your news site) using Google News Publisher Center.
This means that, after verifying ownership of your site using Google Webmaster Tools, you can use the Publisher Center, to: update your news site details , update your section URLs when you change your site structure and label your sections with a specific topic.

Security and management solutions for Microsoft Hyper-V.

In our ever changing security landscape, it is always prudent to combine software and hardware; to deliver permanent trainings; and provide comprehensive, flexible, scalable and multi-layered protection. 
When it comes to multi-tenant Hyper-V environment, users also need, an end-to-end secure virtual infrastructure and streamlined OPEX.
Some Hyper-V virtualization management and security providers, like 5nine Software, focuses on multi-layered protection with an integrated firewall, antivirus and IDS in one package. 
The availability of its new offering: 5nine Cloud Security v5 for Hyper-V can help IT staffs protect multi-tenant Hyper-V environment; monitor and audit security changes; control traffic in a Hyper-V native way and more.

The most exciting when it comes to new generation of data services.

The new IT Convergence produces, generates and manages huge amount of data from multiple sources like never seeing before. This means that, the most urgent, is, our ability to understand these data and produce knowledge in real-time and anywhere. 
Therefore at, soon #Retinnow, we consider that, the most exciting when it comes to new generation of data services, is to focus on: trusted information;the ability to deliver data with speed and confidence; the ability to source and manage the right data ; keep data management streamlined and produce results and analysis of real value to the business.
It is also exciting to go beyond one aspect of the data problem, and provide the key capabilities to help organizations shift from working on the data to putting data to work for their business.

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA): trends, stakes and opportunities.

It is more and more encouraging, to observe that, Big data/Analytic solutions diversify and they gain in maturity (patterns aberrations reduced). Henceforth they can improve our living conditions, streamline our critical operations and industrial process, drive sustainable development and improve our security.
In this momentum, IMB i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis, focuses on, multiple sources of data with the purpose to help threat analysts and investigators to look at every possible data set and relationship. can discover that, with multi-dimensional visual analytics, investigators can gain a better understanding of an attack.

I2 Enterprise Insight Analysis is customizable with third-party applications and features, and can allow users to share threat information across the company and with partners.