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Internet radio service: Pandora 5.0 for iPad brings enhanced personalization, discovery, exploration and sharing.

Better late than never, Pandora has long time hesitated to cross this gap, but since September 18, 2013, its fans can enjoy its will to deliver this new Pandora experience. "Our mission is to provide the best personalized radio experience to our more than 200 million registered listeners in any context on any connected device. The tablet category continues to demonstrate strong growth and momentum, and the iPad’s big touch

Genetic concepts and technology: 23andMe is working with Udacity, to create a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on human genetics.

Increasingly, we are seeking the best possible care for ourselves and our families, which represents a good’s personal commitment. Based on the realities that, as individuals are becoming more actively involved in their health care and more physicians incorporate personalized medicine into their practice, genetic information is becoming a fundamental element of basic health care, 23andMe, a personal genetics company, is working with Udacity, a Silicon Valley-based education

Study: ‘’Mobile owners are increasingly utilizing mobile devices for banking transactions and account management’’.

With the increasing demand and the adoption of the Smartphones, we observe progressively that the possibilities are countless in terms of features, technologies embarked, business opportunities, type of content, to name a few. Regarding the mobile banking, m-commerce, for instance, we observe lots of excitements. During the SAP Financial Services Forum North America, being held on September 18-19 in New York City, Connectikpeople has discovered the findings of a global study across 17 countries on cultural, economic and technology trends impacting

Tech and Finance: since yesterday afternoon, Connectikpeople has captured more than 41 rounds and $142 million in fundings.

Branding Brand(Pittsburgh-based mobile commerce platform), has raised a series B round of $9.5 million from repeat investorsInsight Venture Partners,CrunchFund, and Lead Edge Capital, along with new investor eBay Enterprise. Connectikpeople may recall that, Branding Brand launched a platform in 2009 to optimize branding experiences on mobile devices and is now the largest m-commerce provider to top Internet retailers. The company has raised $17 million in funding to date

The Internet of Everything Possibilities: Sept. 24, 2013, Cisco will announce key Internet-changing developments for service providers.

If it remains right that, until now, networking has concentrated on driving speeds up and costs down, we are also excited to observe that, Internet traffic is expected to rapidly proliferate in the coming years. Based on these realities and others, Cisco will unveil several Internet capabilities engineered which aim to enable the seamless interconnection of people, data, processes

With the new SmartCloud Engage offering, IBM wants to consolidate its position into the Cloud market.

The IBM SmartCloud Connection’s Saga continues with the release of some new features including: File Synch and Share which aims to let employees access the cloud and share files securely. This means, for instance, using new mobile file synch capabilities, line of business leaders in sales can update a customer presentation on their iPad in real-time, incorporating feedback from a meeting. Regarding the Social bridging, Connectikpeople may recall that, it presents a single view of social content from related communities, whether inside or outside the organizations. Henceforth, an internal marketing community will have access to

Henceforth Connectikpeople, means in real time: TechSurveys, TechAgenda, B2B, TechVideo, Gaming, GreenTech, Mobile and web Apps, TechAcquisitions, Techvideo and more.

Until now, we are very proud of our route since 2010 and we are also excited to gather each month millions of Techenthousiats, Techpreneurs, Business Angel, Investors and professionals. My yearning as CEO and Founder of Connectikpeople is to see Connectikpeople, become the unique worldwide reference by the end of 2013. I know

Have you ever heard about Accelerate with Google?, here is how this program can helps you.

In its commitment, to making the web work for small businesses, Google exposes, Accelerate with Google , with the final goal to support businesses in communities that