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Predictive data analytics and reconciliation solutions focused primarily in the telecom and media sector: the real value of Infogix.

Following the acquisition of Infogix in 2012, by H.I.G. , a global private equity investment firm, can observe significant growth of this company which helps enterprises analyze and improve their data integrity and compliance efforts. Henceforth by acquiring Agilis International, Inc. , a provider of predictive data analytics and reconciliation solutions focused primarily in the telecom and media sector, Infogix confirms its determination to move on and adds value to its platform by enhancing their product line through its industry predictive

Guide : Sharding Production MongoDB Databases

Progressively it becomes obvious that, databases sizes continue to expand, meaning that, users will require scalability and performance in real time. observes that, at MongoDB, they aim to meet these demands through sharding, a horizontal scaling approach, with the goal to allow you to add more machines to support data growth and read/write operations.  In this guide captured by, they talk about sharding data sets in production- including how to identify when it's time to shard and what

The IBM New Watson Group seduces entrepreneurs, developers and future clients.

This is now official; IBM wants  focus attentions around its ability to emulate the expertise, technologies, and partners in terms of Big data. The goal with this new IBM business unit is to develop products and collaborate with start-ups on cloud-based cognitive apps and services powered by Watson. The stakes are vital in terms of revenue and solutions to problems. In fact within this ecosystem, the ability to capture, visualize, and harness Big Data and enable analytics exploration is a key point. At IBM, henceforth the vision is clear: The IBM Watson Group with more than $1 billion investments announced, will focus on R&D and commercialization of software, services and apps capable to discover answers to complex questions by analyzing massive amounts of Big Data. has also captured three new services based on Watson’s cognitive