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Self-paced e-learning courses and related services.

Regarding self-paced e-learning courses and related services, always recalls that, the ability for a learner to know what he or she wants when it comes to improve its skills, enhance its expertise or to streamline its digital experiences is indispensable and critical.
Therefore, salutes the new dynamism provided from MOOCs, the disrupting open-source solutions for education like, and more. Our mobile age henceforth brings a new breath to develop online learning content that is flexible at any point.  Henceforth, students, teachers, or institutions, have the flexibility to choose their courses and can access them anytime, anywhere. 
According to Research and Markets, the Global Self-paced E-learning market could grow at a CAGR of 9.79% over the period 2014-2019. 
Key Vendors include: Adobe Systems, Blackboard, Educomp Solutions, NIIT and Scholastic.

Vulnerabilities and Security Updates in Cisco services and technologies.

Image recalls that, Cisco has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in Web Security Virtual Appliance (WSAv), Email Security Virtual Appliance (ESAv), and Content Security Management Virtual Appliance (SMAv) software. Exploitation of one of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to take control of the affected appliance.
Therefore, encourages users and administrators to review the Cisco Security Advisory and apply the necessary updates.

Building and testing containerized and microservices-based applications.

Growing streamlined-approaches are henceforth available and mature when it comes to address the needs of businesses of all sizes that want to build, deploy and run cloud-apps. VMware AppCatalyst and Project Bonneville pave henceforth their way with the purpose to help enterprises adopt cloud-native applications from building them through a simple and easy-to-use development tool to running Docker containers securely in production on VMware vSphere. can also observe that, a technology preview, can offer developers a fast and easy way to replicate a private cloud locally on their desktop for building and testing containerized and microservices-based applications. 
The tool features Project Photon, an open source minimal Linux container host, Docker Machine and integration with Vagrant. 
VMwareAppCatalyst is an API and Command Line Interface (CLI)-driven hypervisor that is purpose-built for developers and ready to be downloaded for Mac OS X at no cost from the AppCatalyst…

One-click application and development stack deployment in our digital age.

It is always encouraging and moving to see that, people, businesses of all sizes, organizations, IT professionals, and developers are more and more aware of the stakes related to our digital age.
The cloud computing is an exceptional new paradigm of flexibility, agility and productivity that has its complexities. 
Bitnami and VMware are working to bring one-click application and development stack deployment to VMware vCloud® Air™ OnDemand. salutes this alliance susceptible to inter alia:
Enable organizations to extend on-premises IT infrastructure seamlessly to the public cloud,
Build new cloud-native applications, delivering agility and efficiency to the business in a secure, reliable and compliant manner,
Enable technical and non-technical users alike to run applications in the cloud,
But also seamlessly move applications between private and public cloud environments; running applications in a hybrid cloud that is fully compatible on-premises infrastructure.