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The Kevo mobile app turns a smartphone into an electronic key (eKey)

Henceforth, the smartphone is part of our live, it rhythms our days and progressively, it is an instrument of work. In this dynamic, two companies (Kwikset® and UniKey Technologies™, Inc), have decided to harness this trend for

McAfee today announced an updated version of McAfee® Mobile Security.

Included in its overall strategy of updates and improvements, this new version of McAfee® MobileSecurity brings: ·New privacy features including the Multi-user App Profile function which allows consumers to create multiple user profiles ,

Cisco and NetApp have expanded the FlexPod Portfolio with New Offerings.

Officially announced today, with this new approach, Cisco and NetApp bring more flexibility by broadening the FlexPod® portfolio with new validated designs across the entire portfolio, highlighted by the introduction of FlexPod Select for dedicated

Huawei Marine announces the successful completion of the Boracay and Palawan Submarine Cable System (BPSCS).

Plus one for Huawei Marine, which progressively builds and consolidates its web of partners and customers around the world. Today, the Chinese company is proud to announce the successful completion of the Boracay and Palawan Submarine Cable System

Etude : ‘’Apple a atteint son plus bas niveau sur le marché des tablettes tactiles.’’

Le marché des tablettes tactiles qui jusqu’ici était diligenté en termes de ventes et d’adoption par l’iPad, semble progressivement lui échapper au profil de la monte en puissance des offres Android qui se multiplient. Une bonne nouvelle pour Google et les

HondaJets: first public debut today at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) AirVenture Oshkosh 2013.

With this first public bath, Honda wanted to impress the world, meet the FAA requirements and confirm its commitment to democratize the access to the private jet. Billed as the world’s most advanced light jet, The HondaJet design, incorporates the HondaJet Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration, natural-laminar flow wing and fuselage

Toshiba today announced the launch of white LEDs.

As you have observed, since more or two weeks, we are retimed by the frenzy of announcements from Toshiba.
In this dynamic, Toshiba has unveiled today, its new white LEDs fabricated with gallium nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) process.
Connectikpeople has discovered that, the LEDs are low power

IBM brings new PowerLinux System for Analytics and Cloud Computing.

Unveiled today, with this new mount, IBM expands its portfolio and improve its offers for organization, industries, local governments and more. The PowerLinux 7R4 is an addition to IBM's line-up of Power Systems PowerLinux servers running industry standard Linux from

‘’Semiconductor revenue worldwide will see improved growth this year of 6.9% and reaching $320 billion’’.

Despite the uncertainty in Europe, Japan, and the slowdown in China, the growing mobile market gathers all the expectations.
According to the mid-year 2013 update of the Semiconductor Applications Forecaster (SAF) from International Data Corporation (IDC), Connectikpeople can observe that, the semiconductor

Henceforth, Advanced DualAir™ technology, allows couples to adjust each side of the bed to their individual comfort.

Unveiled today by SleepNumber® , Connectikpeople has discovered that, AdvancedDualAir™ technology, is part of SleepNumber® commitment to improve as far as it is possible, your

The new, free, and limited, Zagat iPhone app brings the reviews, ratings, Menus to read before you go and more.

Released today, this new version gets in the Google new strategy around this service. The stake is to make the service more accessible and popular.