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Showing posts from November 8, 2013

Dear professionals AWS OpsWorks now supports Java applications.

For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that, AWS OpsWorks is an application management service that makes it easy to model and manage your entire application. Henceforth the new OpsWorks Java layer automatically configures Amazon EC2 instances with Apache Tomcat using sensible defaults in

Today IBM Opens Doors of its First African Research Lab.

IBM continues to develop its presence in Africa; henceforth, this Research Lab joins existing labs in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Switzerland and the United States. It will conduct applied and far-reaching exploratory research into the grand challenges of the African continent by delivering commercially-viable innovations that impact

Radio sur internet : ce que font les principaux acteurs notamment Pandora et Itunes Radio.

Même si Pandora le leader de la radio sur internet refuse de l’admettre, le service Itunes Radio de Apple lui fait progressivement ombrage. Pour le mois d’octobre 2013, Connectikpeople a capturé des chiffres très encourageants chez les deux opérateurs. On

Zain Kuwait and Huawei jointly announced plans to launch a commercial LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) network in Kuwait.

Progressively, Huawei is billed as one of the global leader in LTE technology innovation; because this company invests heavily in LTE-related research and development, with the final goal to stay ahead of the cutting edge in carrier technologies. In Kuwait we witness a set of telecoms realities like: ·Kuwait is experiencing high levels of market saturation in its telecom sector, ·Zain is currently a leader in the field of mobile broadband with a market share of

Here is how TELMEX and Cisco commercial and collaboration agreement develops cloud services in Latina America.

Based on certain statistics, we can observe that, the development of the Cloud Services is very encouraging in this part of the world. Its market attracts a lot of providers. Therefore, TELMEX announced the release of its Private Enterprise Virtual Data Center service, as part of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) product family in its Cloud Services portfolio. This means, through the Private Enterprise Virtual Data Center, their clients will have access to a whole network, security and computing resources infrastructure that can be used as an extension of their current Data Center, as a new Data Center connected to

ON Semiconductor has introduced the highest resolution optical image stabilization (OIS) integrated circuit (IC) for use in smartphone camera modules.

The stake here is to deliver industry-leading accuracy and low power operation in a compact size. Based on the reality that, there is growing demand for enhanced camera performance in the latest smartphone models, Connectikpeople can observe that, the LC898111AXB-MH introduced by ON Semiconductor ,combines both the controller and driver functionality necessary for dealing with optical image stabilization (OIS) in the camera modules incorporated into smartphone handsets. ·It enables precise suppression control of camera shaking to be achieved, ·It allows implementation of Pan/Tilt function indispensable for walk-and-take

Toshiba announced the launch of “T4K35”, a 1.12µm, 8-megapixel BSI CMOS image sensor with color noise reduction (CNR).

Henceforth officially available, the “T4K35” brings a high dynamic range (HDR) function that aims to reproduce dark and bright areas in high contrast images. Connectikpeople can also observe that, the product integrates a CNR circuit and can realize a signal-to-noise ratio equal to Toshiba’s equivalent products fabricated with

Motorola patents skin tattoo throat mic for your smartphone to hear what you are trying to say in noisy environments.

Connectikpeople observes that, acting as a lie detector, Motorola’s tattoo sticker will come equipped with its own transceiver and antenna, microphone, signal processor, and even a small screen, for some reason. Motorola wants to use their stuff as a throat