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The OpenShift Startup Program: trends, stakes and opportunities.

One of our main obsessions is to make it easy for startups to leverage the cloud Computing. This emerging technology  for consume and to provide IT services is transforming how, software startups streamline their critical operations, reduce costs and deal with their growth., soon #Retinknow encourages the OpenShift Startup Program on the way to help startups build and grow their business. 
This free program uses OpenShift Online, Red Hat's public cloud application and development platform, and can provide networking opportunities; hosted cloud environment; promotional credit; Joint marketing and feature placement on OpenShift Marketplace for relevant services and more.

Hyper-converged infrastructure in our digital world: trends, stakes and opportunities.

Our ever changing IT environment is more and more characterized by many organizations migrating from aging legacy systems to scalable, agile, secure, seamless, flexible, and open architecture.
The goal is to simplify and streamline inter alia : IT operations and transform the speed and efficiency of application service delivery.
Hyper-converged systems can help enterprises as the next phase of the converged infrastructure evolution; bringing speed, performance, lower costs, productivity, and security they need. 
A software-centric architecture that seamlessly integrates compute, network, storage and management resources is welcome.

Our global cyber awareness system shines spotlight on the new McAfee security report.

Usability, productivity, and performance are what network administrators need, when it comes to deploy and maintain security technologies.
Theretofore, not amazing to observe that, within a new report titled Network Performance and Security, and published by McAfee, henceforth part of Intel Security, many organizations are  disabling advanced firewall features in order to avoid significant network performance degradation. 
The most common features disabled include deep packet inspection (DPI), anti-spam, anti-virus, and VPN access, because of the high demands network administrators place on network resources.
In our challenging security landscape,, soon #Retinknow encourages organizations to embrace the advanced protections available, deploy integrated, comprehensive, flexible, seamless and scalable security technologies without sacrificing usability or productivity.

The new YouTube WatchMe for Android project.

Image,  recalls that YouTube WatchMe for Android is an open-source project that uses the YouTube Data API v3,YouTube Live Streaming API,Google Play Services andPlus API.
With the new experimental, (YouTube WatchMe for Android), you can integrate YouTube Live Streaming into your Android app. Apps like Live on YouTube – by Xperia™ and Re – by HTC can inspire you and, you can also customize it for your app.

The IT4IT Open Standard in our digital-driven world.

The excitements within enterprises to appropriate the performance and productivity at the all level of their development are encouraging.
In this quest, the interoperability, compliance, best practices, and strategic alliances, are critical when it comes to simplify and improve IT operations overall.
The IT4IT open standard available at ( can help IT Managers to reduce complexity and speed integration and delivery of business services and applications. They can also lower operational costs, achieve greater automation, and gain business insight and transparency into their IT operations.

The convergence of fitness devices and apps.

As you can imagine, it is always exciting and encouraging when it comes to monitor, track our activity and improve our fitness. Thanks to the proliferation of smart sensors built into your phone and wearable to automatically detect heart frequencies, walking, biking, running and more.

Google Fitcan help you to start tracking your activity, set and monitor your fitness goals based on your activity levels. The most exciting with this app, is its ability to connect with others fitness devices and apps like Strava, Withings, Runtastic, Runkeeper and Noom Coach and surface all of the relevant data in one spot.

Google Fit is available starting on Google Play for devices running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and above.

Network Security Testing Expertise.

Most often, partnership means: combination of knowhow, expertise, experience and extension of capabilities. In our challenging environment, where businesses need flexibility, streamlined operations and security, this holistic approach is recommended., soon #Retinknow encourages the new partnership between Ixiaand NSS Labs, to provide the tools and knowledge needed to test and validate network security.
Henceforth the new NSS Test Packs can provide enterprises and equipment manufacturers the ability to find network security issues and failures in their own labs prior to deployment and incorporate continuous testing into their processes and better ensure the resiliency of their networks.