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Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, advanced data analytics and cyber security into Internet of Things (IoT) inventions

I have pleasure to recall that, Indiegogo entrepreneurs will have no-charge access to IBM Watson IoT Platform via Bluemix for an unlimited amount of time, giving them access to more than 160 industry-leading cloud services to incorporate ready-to-use capabilities, such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain, advanced data analytics and cyber security into their latest IoT inventions. I can also observe that, qualified startups will have access to IBM’s global network of technical and industry expertise, education, mentoring and enterprise customers and business partners.

Bring new Internet of Things (IoT) ideas to life

There are lots of excitements around the Internet of Things (IoT). The dynamics are encouraging so that, experts predict that by 2022, the IoT landscape will be worth $14.2 trillion.
IBM, Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics Partner to Fuel the Next Generation of Internet of Things Startups. This collaboration brings IBM’s Watson IoT platform and cloud services together with ideation to production services from Arrow Electronics and Indiegogo.

The IBM Elastic Storage Server in our data-driven age

Cognitive and big data analytic workloads are increasingly demanding in terms of performance and capacity; so that the IBM Elastic Storage Server , as modern implementation of software-defined storage, combining IBM Spectrum Scale software with IBM POWER8® processor-based servers and storage solutions, is an interesting technology for the massive scaling of performance and capacity needed in today’s cognitive and big data analytic workloads.

BOScoin and Trust Contracts, as digital currency and smart contract with inherent security assurance

The cryptocurrency technology is paving its way across the world bringing up new excitements and opportunities poised to transform how transactions are made. For instance, BOScoin, as global cryptocurrency issued in Korea, is a cryptocurrency that utilizes the blockchain, ontology language, and timed automation technologies to ‘solve’ persistent issues in decentralized systems. BOScoin, Trust Contracts and the Congress Network operate on top of the alternative blockchain called OWLchain. By the OWLchain's integration of ontology language and timed automata into blockchain, the BOScoin and Trust Contracts aim to serve as digital currency and smart contract with inherent security assurance.

SLAs will become increasingly important in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem

Steadily, one can observe that, Service Level Agreements (SLA) are on an interesting curve to become increasingly important in the IoT ecosystem, especially as the need for inter-system orchestration and mediation reaches its third stage, which will encompass a high degree of inter-company and inter-industry data exchange. According to Research and Markets, IoT SLAs will have a profound impact across many industry verticals in terms of productivity gains and other important metrics.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) in our data-driven world

For those who are unfamiliar, Service Level Agreements (SLA) are used to ensure that a service provider meets the expectations of a customer. They are frequently part of contracts between managed communication services providers and network operators. Then one can observe that, SLA's for IoT will include client expectations relative to network, device, and data. Availability and Performance emerge as two of the most important measurement areas.

Cognitive Automation for Data Scientists from IBM Research

It is very interesting to see that, Cognitive Automation for Data Scientists from IBM Research assists data scientists in choosing the right algorithm for the data by scoring their data against the available algorithms and providing the best match for their needs. According to IBM, the service also considers various circumstances, such as what the algorithm is needed to do and how fast it needs to produce results.

IBM Machine Learning in our data-driven age

When it comes to Machine Learning, we see the real-time ability to extract actionable insights from vast amount of data.
IBM is aware of the stakes by announcing IBM Machine Learning, as a cognitive platform for continuously creating, training and deploying a high volume of analytic models in the private cloud at the source of vast corporate data stores.  IBM Machine Learning allows data scientists to automate the creation, training and deployment of operational analytic models.

The data governance market by solutions

Many analysts bet on the momentum that, the data governance market by solutions will grow with the largest market share. For those who are unfamiliar, Data governance solutions are used in various verticals and have various applications. The software helps understand & promote the value of data, resolve data related issues, track & oversees the delivery of data projects and services and define, approve, and maintain data strategies. Data governance solutions include data masking, data archiving, data catalog, data dictionary, access control, data collaboration and compliance, and policy management.

The growth of data governance solutions and services explained

Increasingly, the need to meet regulations & compliance deadlines and need to improve & sustain strategic risk management has fueled the growth of data governance solutions and services. However, varying structure of regulatory policies and data address validation & quality issues are the restraining factors for the data governance market. Research and Markets estimates the global data governance market size to grow from USD 863.2 million in 2016 to USD 2,234.7 million by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 21.0%.