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Funding for internet-based services and technologies this week around the world.

Nearly $1.223 Billion generated from major investors likeKleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Accel Partners, Index Ventures, Google Ventures, The CAPROCK Group, International Finance Corporation, Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, Naspers, Tiger Global Management, Qualcomm Ventures, Xiaomi and more. Big data; analytics, sharing-economy; security; distributed applications and holistic IT infrastructures continue to lead the excitements.
$12M / Series D /Recorded Future is an analytics startup that crawls publicly available Web sources to identify cyber threats. Founded in 2009, Recorded Future has raised $33 million to date. $40M / Series E /Movile is a Brazilian mobile application and content developer that manages food delivery service iFood, ticket delivery service Cinepapaya, and other businesses. Movile has raised nearly $100 million to date and will use the new cash to double its investments in online-to-offline services.$160M / Series E /Slack offers a Real-time messaging, archiv…

Docker 1.6: Engine & Orchestration updates, Registry 2.0, & Windows Client Preview.

Image recalls that the features (Docker 1.6: Engine & Orchestration updates, Registry 2.0, & Windows Client Preview) in this release are designed with the goal to improve the dev experience with faster image pulls, a preview of Docker client for Windows, extending multi-container apps beyond the dev environment, and properties for better container handling.

Our most innovative and ambitious technological startups this week.

The more we discover, we create, the more we face difficulties and further, we have the unmatched opportunities to bring effective and sustainable solutions to the real and critical problems.
This week is impressed by solutions, technologies, founders, investors and strategies behind the following innovative and ambitious technological startups:
Recorded Future is an analytics startup that crawls publicly available Web sources to identify cyber threats. Founded in 2009, Recorded Future has raised $33 million to date. Google Ventures, Atlas Venture, Balderton Capital are among investors.
Slack offers a real-time messaging, archiving and search tool that facilitates better communication within a team. Currently valued at $2.8 billion, Slack has raised $320 million in the past year and $340 million to date. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Accel Partners and Index Ventures are among top investors. Cradlepoint provides 4G LTE networking solutions for distributed enter…

Here is how he hacked Ola Cabs , India’s biggest startup.

(by and appears first in A few weeks ago I was working on some weekend fun project… I exactly don’t remember what that was. I was monitoring my phone traffic from a proxy server. While doing that I saw Ola API calls going from my phone (since I was booking a cab).
After seeing those flashing binaries data going from my system I forgot my weekend project and started tweaking and reverse engineering Ola API’s which eventually resulted in breaking their money transaction system and bam I was able to recharge my Ola wallet with any amount. For a long time I was thinking about publishing this work on the web but I have been way too busy all this time. It’s innate in humans — We all love a story. And if you’re looking for a cool tech story, this one could be for you. Chapter 0 : Something is not right I was working on a small side project in which I was monitoring my phone traffic. For this purpose I used MITM Proxy, which is a very light console bas…

Office 365 for your iPhone along with Office 365 Video within your enterprise or organization.

The video is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to improve productivity, enhance collaboration and for communicating ideas and concepts within your organization.
In our mobile-driven age marked inter alia by the proliferation of mobile videos, along with Office 365 Video, an intranet website portal where people in your organization can post and view videos, Office 365 Videofor iPhone can help you communicate ideas and concepts within your organization: Watch videos on the go; Record and upload video from your iPhone ; Browse and search for videos across all channels; See what videos are popular and trending across your organization. recalls that Office 365 Video for iPhone requires an Office 365 Enterprise or Academic subscription license to sign in. Office 365 Home, Personal, Student, and Government plans are not currently supported.