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Business analytics software: benefits, major trends, drivers, bottlenecks, and key Vendors.

Aberrations related to the interpretation of patterns; a time-consuming process; and the need for enterprises to identify the business goals and then collect the required data, which is time-consuming, are a set of challenges susceptible to discourage some among you.
However these bottlenecks are progressively overcame, and at, we are proud to observe an increasing demand because of the various benefits it provides such as data management, advanced reporting and analysis, knowledge discovery and decision making, performance management, and presentation and reporting. 
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Business analytics software enables enterprises to inter alia : collect, extract, store and analyze data to make better decisions, improve and streamline processes, and achieve the desired corporate goals.
According to Research and Markets, one of the major trends upcoming in this market is the emergence of open-source solutions. 

‘’These solution…

With Babbel, learn a foreign language for work; cultural interest; for upcoming travel; and to keep mentally fit.

It is more and more existing to see how cloud-based, mobile-based and web-based apps and technologies revolutionize the world of learning.
From self-directed language learning to smart language learning app, the evolution is encouraging. 
At Babbel, founded in 2007 in Berlin, they focus on courses specifically created for each language.
This means inter alia that, you can learn a foreign language for work; cultural interest; for upcoming travel; and to keep mentally fit. 
Its premium app is modern, affordable and easy way to learn 14 different languages. 
Babbel currently offers more than 7,000 hours of learning material in 14 languages including: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Russian. The cloud-based content can be accessed with a computer, smartphone, or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

Google Apps Admin console and material design.

Following the introduction of material design (design principles), a design system that allows for unified experience across platforms and device sizes, the Admin console has been redesigned.
The primary goal is to better meet the needs of Google Apps admins. In fact, with this update, your most important controls front and center and the most common tasks are easily accessible and to complete.

A design change guide(pdf), featuring screenshots of the new navigational elements and guidance on how to change settings, manage and add users, apply filters and access other frequently used features in the new UI, is available.

Microsoft Sway, your content creation tool in our cloud-driven world.

Our capacity to capture, generate and produce content in real-time from multiple sources and from multiple devices, is henceforth astonishing.
We are flooded by structured and unstructured contents from mobile apps, web apps, social media, blogs, forums and more.
In this deluge of information, Sway always in preview (expanded Sway Preview), is susceptible to help you, when it comes to pull your content together by dragging and dropping it.
You can inter alia:
Copy embed code from a supported third-party site and add it in the Storyline,
Import existing content from PDF, Word and PowerPoint documents, from older Word .doc and PowerPoint .ppt file formats,in addition to the latest .docx and .pptx extension formats. can also observe that, it is possible import PDF, Word and PowerPoint content directly from OneDrive. 
It’s already easy to group images and text together by dragging cards on top of each other, or selecting cards and using the Change Layout option to create a Gro…

Aviation Cyber Security: threats, stakeholders, Key Vendors, stakes and drivers.

The Cyber security issues, threats, challenges and solutions are henceforth at the core of all critical business developments. The Aviation Cyber Security is neither ignored nor forgot.
In fact, can observe that, the Aviation industry faces threats from multiple dimensions. The threat is targeted to airports, service providers, and air traffic control systems. The global aviation system is targeted by attackers focusing on cyber terrorism, information theft, and other similar objectives.

“Establishing cyber security framework for aviation industry is one of the major trends emerging in the market. Adopting a compact information security framework is one of the key drivers in the market”. 

According to Research and Markets , ensuring the secure functioning of these systems and safety from possible attacks is the collective responsibility of various stakeholders, including governments, OEMs, and airlines and airports, in the Aviation industry. 

‘’The security vulnerabilit…

Amazon WorkMail for professionals in our cloud-driven world.

When it comes to business email, collaborate on documents and calendaring service, it is clear that, enterprises need: secure, flexible, cost-effective, scalable and simpler cloud-based services. 
Amazon WorkMail, launched today, enables users to send and receive email, manage contacts, share calendars, and book resources using the same email applications they use today (Microsoft Outlook, Web browser, or native iOS and Android email applications) without buying and managing hardware. They pay only for the mailboxes they create. can also observe that, Amazon WorkMail integrates with existing corporate directories, and can deliver the following benefits to IT administrators: Reduced complexity and cost: no need to buy servers, manage complicated software and the associated licenses, or deal with upgrades, patches, and back-up systems. Customers simply pay for the mailboxes they create. Security and privacy controls: you can retain full control over the locati…