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IBM has released critical Security Update for MDM.

As part of our global Cyber Awareness System,, also available via , reminds that, IBM has released Tivoli Endpoint Manager Mobile Device Management (MDM) version 9.0.60100 to address a vulnerability which may allow a remote attacker to gain control of an affected system. 
Users and administrators are encouraged to review the IBM Security Bulletin and apply the necessary updates.

Datacenters, Biometric security, encryption in the cloud and Threat intelligence and 3D printing in 2015.

From a new vision behind the datacenters to a new modern datacenterconcept, it is clear and obvious that, we move from classic datacenters (very complex and costly to maintain and very expensive to power), to intuitive, intelligent and cost-effective datacenters, that are undergoing a fundamental transformations driven by the emerging technologies. 
Raw compute capacity and raw storage capacity moves to cloud-, mobile-, and big data-optimized hyperscale datacenters .This shift drives greater consolidation among server, storage, software, and networking vendors., also available via expects that, the Internet of Things and cognitive/machine learning systems will help to secure the overall ICT industry.
Biometric security on mobile devices will grow and encryption in the cloud will become the default practice.
Threat intelligence will emerge as a killer Data as a Service category with a rapidly growing number of enterprises receiving tailored threat intel…

Big data /Analyrics software, hardware, and services in 2015.

Big data /Analyrics software, hardware, and services will continue to help businesses and people to deeply understand, correlate and interact with data, anywhere and from any source.
Big data /Analyrics software, hardware, and services will generate new opportunities and will be mature and will proliferate in 2015. 
Rich media analytics (video, audio, and image) will also emerge as an important driver of big data projects. 
Some discipline like Data as a Service will grow in importance and important new developments in cognitive/machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics are expected.

Cloud computing services, applications and technologies in 2015.

As you imagine, Cloud computing services, applications and technologies will remain a critical path for innovation and for the end-to-end competitive.
Architectures like Public and Hybrid cloud will lead the trends in terms of adoption and, innovations.
Adoption of cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will grow and Amazon will continue to chart the way. 
Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers need to attract developers when it comes to accelerate their adoption, and cloud marketplaces.
We will see powerful  partnerships such as Twitter and IBM or Amazon partnering with HP, to expand market opportunities.

Telecommunications services in 2015.

Dramatically, it is exciting to see that, Telecommunications services will see wireless data via (LTE/4G, WI-FI, Bluetooth, NFC) emerge as the largest and fastest growing segment of telecom spending. 
Multifunction mobile apps and social media will disrupt this market. Therefore, infrastructure providers and carriers have to develop platform- and API-based services that add value and attract developers to their networks and platforms. 
Rapprochements with over-the-top (OTT) cloud services and apps providers through innovative performance and revenue-sharing arrangements are critical.

Mobile devices, mobile apps and wearables in 2015.

In the mature economy, the market related to mobile devices, mobile apps and wearable will reach the saturation in 2015, while in the emerging market adoptions, innovations and development will accelerate. 

It will be exciting to observe that, mobile devices and apps will continue to charge ahead in 2015. Sales of smartphones and tablets will reach a critical rate, accounting for consequent of all IT spending growth (excluding telecom services). Chinese and Indian vendors will capture the essential share of the worldwide market. 

Wearables (smart swatches, fitness or health trackers) will see an explosion of adoption and innovation. Enterprise mobile app development will proliferate.