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Toolchains + IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery

For those who are unfamiliar, Toolchains, as an integrated set of DevOps tools that support app development, deployment and operations tasks, are integral to the app development process. However, because they are typically comprised of a variety of tools from multiple vendors as well as open source solutions, integration, maintenance and deployment of these toolchains can be an arduous task that can take days or even weeks to complete.
To address this challenge, IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery provides DevOps teams with a central hub to create, manage and scale toolchains. In addition, the Delivery Pipeline service automates builds, tests and deployments and can detect issues before applications go live. A dynamic which can save developers time and effort and potentially reduce time to value.

IBM Bluemix + GitHub+ Slack Integration to Speed App Development in the Cloud

At the core of stakes, we have one hub to easily access, construct, and scale preconfigured toolchains across the enterprise, designed to reduce time to value. In effect, I can observe that,new Bluemix services are designed to simplify and speed app development in the cloud. With these new services, developers can now access and construct preconfigured toolchains using popular DevOps tools, including GitHub and Slack.