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Showing posts from May 3, 2013

Trapster, to transform your driving experience updated in version 5.2

With the major features like:Audio and Visual Alerting; Drive with confidence knowing that other Trapster users have patrolled the road ahead of you; Search & Routing; Automatic Day & Night Display ; Speed Limits & Speedometer; HERE Live Traffic ; Push Notifications,

Dell Wyse WSM Starter Kit, a virtualization solution is now available.

When it is time to talk about virtualized desktops and apps, there are so many interrogations that surfaced: if virtualized desktops and apps will deliver the same performance as a traditional PC across a widely distributed organization for example. You fear about the costs. 
For all those concerns, Dell Wyse WSM, billed as, a high performance,

The “carDboard” concept vehicle, a militantly minimal coupe with no door, no dashboard…

Designed by Thierry Dumaine the “carDboard” concept vehicle is billed as a militantly minimal coupe with no door, no dashboard, and no hard roof. We also discovered that the chassis and body are composed of entirely of recycled cardboard & plastic, making it extremely lightweight & efficient with its small tri-hybrid

PayPal lance Log In with PayPal son nouveau mécanisme d'authentification : comprendre les enjeux.

La guerre des simplifications des moyens et procédures de payement sur internet est plus que jamais ouverte. eBay l’un des géants Américains du e-commerce, vient d’introduire via sa filiale Paypal Log In with PayPal. Ce qui est pour les boutiques d’e-commerce, Facebook

A Portal Beta for Linux on Steam is now available.

This release means for fans of Valve games, that, as from now,Valve’s continued dedication to Linux as a gaming platform and the ongoing port of the Source game engine to Linux means any non-Valve games that use it will also benefit. ‘’Also, this beta release indicates that it’s very likely that the rest of the Half Life and Portal series may be coming to Linux in the not so distant future’’. Affirms Omgubuntu.  To Download the Portal Beta for Linux, you are invited, if you don’t have Steam

What was regarded as proof that extraterrestrials have visited Earth is now fully human.

"Ata the humanoid", a mummified corpse found in the Atacama Desert ten years ago, with it strange appearance of «alien", is fully human. In fact according to DNA analysis "Ata the humanoid" has been submitted to a battery of tests and the

Un spyware qui usurpe l’image de Firefox : Enjeux et Réalités.

Firefox par rapport aux autres navigateurs en tant projet piloté par une fondation indépendante (Mozilla) est digne de confiance pour les développeurs et entreprises. En 2012, l’entité a même été consacrée la plus digne de confiance selon le classement de Ponemon. Au vue de ces réalités, l’usurpation de l’image de sa

SkySQL fusionne avec Monty Program: Comprendre les enjeux.

Certainement beaucoup d’entre vous sont davantage plus sensible lorsqu’on parle de MySQL, le fameux programme de base de données très populaire. Un succès qui démontre la puissance de l’Open Source. Mais depuis que MySQL est passé sous la coupe d’Oracle, on a assiste progressivement à son abandon par les développeurs et entreprises (Slackware, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Archlinux, Wikipedia…). à l' époque

Build tools and apps for live content on YouTube: stakes in process

In this post, the the YouTube Live Streaming API Team aims to allow you more or less easily to build tools and apps for live content on YouTube. Therefore to accomplish that, the YouTube Live Streaming APIis your way. This also means with the YouTube Live platform, you have the ability to real-time transcode to a range of video

iOS Game : LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles lands on your iPhone and iPad.

Driven by characters and vehicles, this game might interested you. Because it lets you create and control your own characters and vehicles of the LEGO Star Wars universe. To make possible you have features like: Quest with Yoda or Count Dooku to discover your destiny

Rachat d’Astrid par Yahoo : comprendre les enjeux.

Progressivement et assurément, la stratégie de Marissa Mayerse met en place : étendre de manière très visible sa présence sur le mobile et se rapprocher de près de près de Google en termes de services disponibles sur le web sur le mobile. Ce qui explique en partie la chronologie des acquisitions. La récente Summly (actualité condensée) et la toute dernière

YouTube Capture available in version 1.3 with high-definition enhancement previews

With YouTube Capture, you can touch up videos with color correction, stabilization, trimming, and music tracks; Upload to YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter simultaneously. Henceforth the version1.3 includes, Google announces the easiest way to upload videos to YouTube;

Google for Entrepreneurs and Blackbox Accelerator Announce Summer 2013 Program.

For those who unfamiliar, Blackbox Connect is a two week immersion program for startup founders who are based outside the United States. International founders travel to Silicon Valley and stay at the Blackbox Mansion, where they have the

Instagram for your iphone updated in version 3.5

In addition of the major features like: Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field ; Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Posterous
;Unlimited uploads; Interact with friends through giving and receiving likes and comments;