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Creating actionable business insights in our data-driven world.

Our hyper-connected, data-driven world is deeply impacted by a set of endless opportunities and challenges that require a lot of intelligence.At, we provide Easy-to-understand information and streamlined End-to-end coverage on big data, cloud, analytics, IT, computing, and productivity solutions.
In the momentum of this commitment, recalls that, Creating actionable business insights in a data-driven world, also means:
·Help individuals and organization of all sizes understand that, Intelligent data analysis is and will be the key differentiator for corporations over the next decade,
Harness data in a way that truly impacts company profitability,
Help organizations understand the importance of leveraging ever-increasing data sources to garner insights that affect the bottom line,
Call on researchers to step up and become leaders in the new age of data-driven decision making.
It also means: help companies demonstrate the business value of research and tr…

The combination of Google Cloud Deployment Manager and Puppet nodes in our cloud age.

The culture of simplification is more and more present within the IT, Computing and digital industries. This momentum brings progressively the productivity, agility, security and the productivity we need in our digital ageOn Google Cloud Platform, one can observe that,Google Cloud Deployment Managersimplifies the deployment and configuration of your Puppet nodes. For those who are unfamiliar, recalls that, Deployment Manager can let you provision, configure and manage your Google Cloud Platform resources, and Puppet can let you do the same for your servers and software. In fact, by combining these exciting tools, you can automate every aspect of your cloud-based application.

Simplify the process of architecting and deploying OpenStack-powered clouds.

At, we are deeply committed to provide in real-time easy access to streamlined, actionable and easy-to-understand information and insights on big data, cloud, analytics, IT, computing, and productivity solutions, and more.
In our digital age, this holistic commitment is a game changer for everyone and for each organization. Project Navigator launched by the OpenStack Foundation is helping new OpenStack users quickly and visually evaluate various core and optional projects to decide what they need in their own clouds. salutes this momentum that can help you make informed decisions about how to consume OpenStack; henceforth the facto industry standard when it comes to cloud computing.

Operationalize NFV and SDN: helping operators prepare for virtualization.

Our digital age is a continuously changing environment where demands, requirements, and challenges are huge and endless.The flexibility, performance, the agility, security, and the productivity are henceforth at the core of stakes.
Then, one can observe that, Communication Service Providers are progressively transition from legacy environments to virtual environments; where they aim to deliver the secure, agile, cost-effective, reliable and right level of service quality to the end customer.
That means that, they need a suite of streamlined tools and analytics to manage and visualize NFV and SDN environments from end-to-end and top-to-bottom. 
In fact, recalls that, virtual networks are dramatically more complex than legacy networks. Therefore, Communication Service Providers need reliable systems that address and meet this complexity. 
They need real-time ability to manage and visualize NFV and SDN environments from end-to-end and top-to-bottom. 
The utilization of pre-…

End-to-end cloud analytics experience in our digital age.

At, we believe that, it is more and more indispensable to enable employees to track performance, analyze trends, predict and collaborate to make informed decisions and improve business outcomes.As you can observe it on, a set of solutions are available to action on this momentum. 
Behind the End-to-end cloud analytics experience, you can hold inter alia: all analytics, predictive and business intelligence (BI) capabilities into one solution for an unparalleled user experience (UX). 
The ability to access all data; easily discover, visualize, plan and predict; make real-time decisions on forecasts and strategic initiatives.