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The Asia Pacific Mobile Benchmark Pricing Service 2015

Image has captured for you the 45-page report: entitled 'TheAsia-Pacific Mobile Pricing Benchmark 2015 Service'.
This report is susceptible to help you, when it comes to understand voice and data services for both Pre Pay and Post Pay services across 28 MNOs in 14 Asia-Pacific countries. 
It includes detailed pricing information of postpaid offers both for voice and mobile broadband. The information compares pricing for connection, rental, included usage as part of the bundle, domestic usage (voice, SMS, MMS, data), international usage as well as roaming (calling back home, calling locally, receiving a call, sending an SMS back home and data roaming). 
The reader has a quick view of what a service costs and how it compares with other operators in the region. All price points referred to are compared, prices are expressed in USD.

TransferJetTM Adapter for your iPhone and iPad.

If unfamiliar, reminds that, TransferJetTM is a close proximity wireless transfer technology standard promoted by the TransferJetConsortium. 
The technology can provide simple connections and ultra-high speed data transfers, and works simply by bringing the two devices in the transfer into close proximity. Maximum data throughput is 375Mbps*3, and 100 MBytes of data can be transmitted in approximately three seconds. 
Henceforth, Toshiba Corporation develops its "TJM35420LT", the TransferJetTM adapter for iOS*2 devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod that is compliant with TransferJetTM
Users can use TransferJetTM after attaching the adapter to an iPhone, iPad or iPod with a Lightning connector and downloading the iOS app from the App Store.

Data Breach: types, stakes, realities and recommendations.

Dear, Professional, as you can imagine, it is vital to remind that, a data breach occurs when sensitive, protected or confidential data is lost or stolen and put at risk.
You or companies need to understand the types of data breaches that could impact your business, and how best to allocate resources to the prevention, detection and resolution of such an incident.
Data breaches are caused inter alia, by malicious or criminal attacks, unauthorized access incidents and malicious code, sustained probes, by a system glitch or business process failure and by Human error.
This means that, a strong security posture; the involvement of business continuity management; the appointment of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to lead the data breach incident response team; a security strategy to protect your IT infrastructure, are critical, when it comes to mitigate, eliminate and to decreasing the cost of data breach.

Comprehensive Threat Protection System and Critical Data Protection.

Image reminds that, we live henceforth in an environment where data breaches and advanced persistent threats, are on the rise; where advanced persistent threats, zero day attacks, breaches and the financial impact on an organization continue to rise; where targeted attacks are the greatest threat.
This means, inter alia, that, when it comes to comprehensive threat protection system and critical data protection services, you fundamentally need:
an end-to-end architecture of analytic and forensics software that helps your organizations continuously prevent, detect and respond to ongoing and sophisticated cyber attacks.
You need the ability to eliminate the threat before the damage has occurred; you need more than a signature-based or perimeter approach. 
Deep analytic capabilities and forensics are vital and need to include endpoint prevention. You need to know that, your big threat is internal. 
You need to know where your data reside, who has access to it, or how it is protect…