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Modern marketers in our mobile-driven world.

In today’s hyper-connected world, the way people consume and buy, rent and they compare products and services, is radically changing. More and more consumers use their mobile anywhere, they use social media, specific mobile apps, online magazines and they rush on on-demand videos. 
Then,it’s henceforth critical for marketers to inter alia, employ an integrated, cross-channel mobile engagement strategy.
A modern marketer should be able to help brands and enterprises think beyond their apps and create a cross-channel mobile engagement strategy that can help them deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time, in the most relevant mobile moment. A modern should inter alia, drive innovation across all aspects of the mobile channel and ecosystem for brands and enterprises.

Logic and Real Stakes behind the concept of local cloud center.

It is encouraging to observe that, cloud adoption is on the rise, and the number of enterprises and organizations using the cloud grew.
In this momentum, it is also exciting to see that, a set of countries are more and more, aware of the pros and cons of this emerging technologies. Then a range number of laws, policies, regulations, and requirements emerge across the world, when it comes to strict security and data privacy regulations; improvement of application performance and the lowering of latency for local users.
The local cloud center obeys to this logic by highlighting, inter alia, the benefit from in-country data storage, and specific requirements to comply with data protection laws.

OpenSSL Patches Eight Vulnerabilities

Image recalls that OpenSSL has released updates patching eight vulnerabilities, one of which may allow an attacker to cause a Denial of Service condition.

The following updates are available:  OpenSSL 1.0.1k for 1.0.1 usersOpenSSL 1.0.0p for 1.0.0 usersOpenSSL 0.9.8zd for 0.9.8 usersTherefore, Users and Administrators are encouraged to review the OpenSSL Security Advisory for additional information and apply the necessary updates.