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Teachers are increasingly using online instructional technologies

Very exciting to observe that, teachers are increasingly using online instructional technologies, such as teleconferencing, interactive videos, simulations, artificial intelligence, and computer-based learning, with or without traditional methods such as printed textbooks. These technologies have compelled institutions to adopt solutions that further facilitate an online learning environment.

IoT, Drones, Automated warehouses, and Autonomous trucks in the growing e-commerce logistics market

Forthose who are unfamiliar, Internet of Things (IoT) provides a highly integrated transportation and warehouse management solution. It connects the integrated devices and in-vehicle sensors. Drones provide the delivery of the products within an hour, after the placement of the order. Automated warehouses provide automatic cross-docking, palletizing, and storing of the products by using time and space efficiently. Autonomous trucks offer improved safety by the elimination of driver error.

Impact of major global vendors such as Alibaba Group, Amazon, and eBay in the growing e-commerce industry

Steadily and surely, the e-commerce industry is prospering. The e-commerce industry generated a revenue of more than USD 1.5 trillion in 2016, according to Technavio Research. The firm also reveals that, the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 17% during the forecast; this is because of the presence of major global vendors such as Alibaba Group, Amazon, and eBay. 
It is now obvious that, the global e-commerce industry is growing because of a growing m-commerce industry with an increasing number of smartphones, which is helping the growth of online shopping via smartphones.
Globally, there were more than 4 billion mobile phone users in 2016 which represent more than 45% of the global population, saysShakti Jakhar, a lead logistics research analyst at Technavio.

Here is why the global e-commerce logistics market is growing

Very interesting to observe that, the global e-commerce logistics market is growing because many companies are offering automated solutions for the e-commerce industry. Software technologies such as WordPress,ReadyCLOUD , to name a few are emerging in the e-commerce industry
In effect, WordPress is used as a host for e-commerce websites, and ReadyCLOUD is used as a cross-channel e-commerce customer relationship management (CRM) tool. 
One can also observe that, the global e-commerce logistics market is growing because of emerging technologies such as IoT, drones, automated warehouses, and automated trucks in the market. Such technologies are helping in speed up the overall process of e-commerce logistics, and hence many e-commerce giants are adopting them because of such benefits. 
These factors are generating a demand for e-commerce logistics and helping the growth of the global e-commerce logistics market, according to Technavio Research.

Advanced analytic technologies are essential to governments and public service agencies

In our ever-connected data-driven era, Biometrics and advanced analytics are helping to revolutionize the way governments and public service agencies are addressing data security and privacy concerns.
In effect, as public service and government agencies continue to collect and monitor increasing amounts of data, it becomes increasingly critical to take every possible step to protect not only the quality and collection of the data, but to protect all information that could identify individual citizens as well.
Advanced analytic technologies can essential to achieving this goal.

Biometrics-based security solutions working in combination with analytics technologies for government agencies

Biometrics-based security solutions working in combination with analytics technologies offer government agencies powerful, and previously unavailable, real-time identification and authentication capabilities, enhancing both the security and understanding of data.

The education system in Europe is gradually adopting e-learning

Very interesting to observe that, steadily, the education system in Europe is adopting e-learning and other related tools such as social learning. In effect, the institutions are integrating social media into other platforms to facilitate learning, information sharing, and collaboration among students and teachers. For those who are unfamiliar, these kinds of social networking platforms are offered by software solutions such as next-gen LMS.

2017 Indoor Location Testbed Results

When it comes to indoor location solutions, performance is at the core of stakes. The second Indoor Location Testbed, run at GeoIot World 2017, reveals that indoor location solutions are beating the previously established industry norms in all metrics of performance. One can observe that, solutions evaluated this year achieved below 2 meter accuracy, in smartphone and in tag tracking, both with BLE beacons and infrastructure-free. The 2017 testbed evaluated five solutions: One based on BLE tags, four on smartphones. One smartphone solution runs infrastructure-free, one incorporates camera-based image processing, and two blend BLE beacons with motion sensing. (See the videos from the testbed here.) The testbed evaluation shows that BlooLoc's tag-based solution achieves real-time accuracy better than 2 meters, and accuracy after stabilization under 1.5 meters. GipsTech's infrastructure-free solution also achieves accuracy of under 2 meters. Accuware's solution required less t…