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Showing posts from July 22, 2013

SanDisk Announced New SanDisk Connect a new Line of Wireless Flash Storage Products.

With this new line wireless products, Scandisk more than ever is committed to harness the growing mobile market. In this dynamic, the company announced today, the SanDisk ConnectWireless Flash Drive and ScanDisk ConnectWireless Media Drive, with the goal, to deliver an easier way to access and share

Oracle launched Oracle Outsourced Manufacturing for Discrete Industries: stakes and opportunities.

Always focused on its dynamic of portfolio densified and competitive, Oracle meets today, to the organizations that need real-time visibility and insights into business processes in order to anticipate market requirements and risks.  Connectikpeople has discovered that, to provide that complete level of visibility to enterprises that

Google Glass, Himax Technologies has received a strategic investment from Google: stake and opportunities.

Progressively, Connectikpeople learns more about Google Glass project, in terms of specifications, applications, privacy, manufacturer, supplier and technologies integrated. Today, HDI. Himax Technologies has announced the rapprochement with Google Inc.

Viadeo assiste les chefs d’entreprises dans la maîtrise des outils numériques.

En tant que réseau social professionnel, Videao met la réussite des entrepreneurs au cœur de ses stratégies de croissance, de développement de visibilité. En s’adossant de plus en plus sur les TPE et PME en région française, Viadeo ratisse large auprès d’un groupe d’entrepreneurs qui constitue le

Toshiba Launched High Voltage MOSFETs "πMOS VIII" Series to reduce On-Resistance by approximately 24%.

Following the availability ofits 4th generation of its super junction MOSFETs, the "DTMOSIV" series of 650V devices, Toshiba has added MOSFETs "πMOS VIII" Series onto its portfolio. Pending the mass production in August, 2013, this new series of high voltage MOSFETs, "πMOS

‘’Intel Atom and Core processors and increased SOC integration will be Intel's future’’.

More than ever Intel is worn by the wind of hope. In fact two months after having been appointed as Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich is confident. “Intel Atom and Core processors and increased SOC integration will be Intel's future. We will leave no computing opportunity untapped. To embrace these opportunities, I've made it Intel's highest

Audience Connectikpeople pour le mois de Juin et Juillet 2013.

Pour le moins un peu étonnant, on s’attendait pas à une croissance aussi forte en Russie et aux USA, pour ces deux pays, Connectikpeople a enregistré + 150%entre le 22 juin et le 22 juillet 2013. Sur les 11 millions d’internautes qui utilisent Connectikpeople chaque mois, donc 5

StampedeCon 2013: allow Big Data Startups explain what their technologies done.

Expected for July 30, 2013, in St. Louis, StampedeCon 2013, the national Big Data conference series aims to provide Big Data startups the opportunity to share their technology with attendees,

Gestion de l’énergie en Europe : Toshiba au cœur de la dynamique.

Les défis et les enjeux liés à l’accès, la gestion et l’exploitation de l’énergie ne sont plus à démontrer, qu’on soit en Europe ou ailleurs. En effet entre énergie propre, rationnalisée, renouvelable et disponible pour tous, il y’a là de quoi

Tyco Integrated Security: Tyco + EVERTEC= help financial institutions meet security issues or threats.

Nowadays security issues are well known and no one is completely saved. In this environment, Tyco announced a partnership with EVERTEC to provide financial institutions and Bank. Under the terms of agreement, Connectikpeople has discovered that, this partnership will deliver