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Instances available at any given time to handle your application’s workload.

This requirement is henceforth a game changer when it comes to meet and address the appetite of apps in our mobile-driven world with the emerging technologies as a key driver.
Thanks to Autoscaling, now available in Beta on Google Compute Engine., soon #Retinknow recalls that, with Autoscaler (Autoscaling on Google Compute Engine), we talk about instances to add at one time to hit demand, the right amount of resources necessary at any given time. We talk about the right number of Compute Engine instances available at any given time to handle your application’s workload; Responsive application when utilization is high.

Autoscaler can respond to a number of different metrics such as CPU load, QPS on a HTTP Load Balancer and metrics defined using the Cloud Monitoring service.

Securing Electronic Payments in our mobile-driven world: trends, stakes, currencies and recommendations.

The trend is unstoppable and the growing excitements surrounding new payment systems, including mobile payments, person-to-person payments and e-wallets are encouraging.
Despite a set of threats related to privacy, security and misinformation, adoptions trends; the strengthening of systems, regulations, standards and technologies, can bring peace in minds.
Payments with a mobile device or with phone number lead the trend in our challenging environment where Secure Electronic Payments, means: extension of support for EMV tokenization and card encryption; address the security and integrity of sensitive financial data; appropriation of technologies such as cryptography, key management, hardware security models (HSMs) and interoperability., soon #Retinknow recalls that, industry standards also play an increasingly vital role in securing emerging electronic payment capabilities. As new electronic payment and virtual currencies, will surpass paper currencies,security fundam…

Our global Cyber Awareness System today focuses on Encryption-by-Default for the Internet.

As part of our commitment to enable the continued evolution and growth of the Internet for everyone,, soon #Retinknow recalls that, encryption should be the norm for Internet traffic, to inter alia address the important issue of insidious monitoring. 
As user trust is critical to the Internet's continued growth and evolution, Protocols should be strengthen to inter alia dramatically reduce the ability to snoop or modify information sent over the Internet. 
Beyond a set of practical issues and technical challenges, encryption-by-Default for the Internet is critical as, network management, intrusion detection, spam prevention, economic and policy challenges. 
Thank you to The Internet Society (, who promotes open dialogue on Internet policy, technology, and future development among users, companies, governments, and other organizations.

Venture Capital in civil drone industry.

We are still at the early stage of this exciting trend in terms of usage, funding and performance. But the encouraging advances in DJIdramatically, demonstrate how civil drones will transform and can democratize how and where people and enterprises can interact and learn, understand and safeguard their landscapes., soon #Retinknow can observe that, Venture investments for last quarter reached nearly $65 million and AirwareandPrecisionHawk raised some of the first significant rounds to date.
2013 was very exciting in terms of seed funding, and a set of new drone tech companies are closing their first rounds of funding.
Venture investors like Andreessen Horowitz, First Round, and Google Ventures are very committed within this industry.

The emerging technologies, needs, and social data within enterprises, organizations and public sectors in 2015.

It is clear and obvious that, the emerging technologies, and disruptive technologies, and social data namely: Big data/analytics and Cloud computing, smart sensors and DevOps, Docker, social media and channels, mobility, and the Internet of Things, recognition-based technologies and encryption, productivity and flexibility, will transform and shape the sense of the competitiveness anytime and anywhere, that, enterprises, organizations and public sectors need to deal with an unprecedented customer and citizen experience.
Demand for, mobility, emerging technologies, social data and actionable insights, is explosive, and resulting inter alia in:
Automated Workflows, Web-Scale Cloud Systems, Personal Digital Experiences, Branded Internet of Things;
Focus on efficient workflows on both employee and enterprise-owned devices; systemic improvements ;
True data driven enterprise;
Personalized digital experiences ;
Branded Internet of Things (IoT);
ICT plans into battlefields innovators ;
Better manag…