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GRAPHIXON’s 2D & 3D Print Technology for Leather, Canvas & Vinyl

Steadily and surely 2D & 3D Print Technology emerges from the stealth-mode with promising values that augur exciting perspectives across numerous industries. 
For instance, GRAPHIXON’s2D & 3D Print Technology for Leather, Canvas & Vinyl now offers a process for enhancing leather, canvas, vinyl, etc. with high resolution 2D and 3D full color images. 
One can observe that, the potential market for the technology is global and augurs a paradigm shift in the surface enhancement of materials used in the apparel, automotive, aircraft, marine, military, upholstery and just about every commercial and consumer application where pliable covering material is used to provide protection and surface aesthetics. 
The patent pending technology is deployed in a simple process starting with printing the desired digital image onto a Graphixon paper, via conventional printing equipment ranging from desktop inkjet printers to wide format and other commercial printing methods.

Hashgraph distributed consensus platform aims to provide radical alternative to Blockchain

Blockchain is an emerging technology that is on an interesting curve when it comes to streamline online transactions; in terms security, agility, flexibility, efficiency and seamless.
Blockchain is facing a set of early stage challenges related to accuracy, consensus and more. 
Based on this reality, the new Software Development Kit (SDK) for the hashgraph distributed consensus platform, which is free for download aims to provide radical alternative to Blockchain.
The new Software DevelopmentKit (SDK) for the hashgraph distributed consensus platformenables developers to build serverless distributed applications of unlimited scope and scale.
You can build distributed applications that are not controlled by any single organization, for uses such as distributed identity directories, online auctions, stock markets, cryptocurrencies, and multiplayer games.

Emergence of 5G network across the world

South Korea is leading the momentum. In our ever-connected digital world, the need to support demand for broadband services over mobile networks as well as the emergence of IoT has triggered the development of 5G networks.
For those who are unfamiliar, these networks enable the use of unused frequency bands, such as the V band, to transport large amounts of data.  In effect, the emergence of 5G network will drive the demand for wireless test equipment market. The 5G networks have multi-point connectivity with distributed MIMO. 
These can deliver several MIMO streams while a single device is connected to multiple sites at the same time.

IBM Scientists on the powerful capabilities of phase-change-based artificial neurons

From the ability to detect patterns in financial transactions, find discrepancies, use data from social media to discover new cultural trends in real time, to computational primitives, the stakes and applications are huge when it comes to artificial neurons.
While the artificial neurons do not store digital information; because they are analog, (as the synapses and neurons in our biological brain), IBM scientists have created randomly spiking neurons using phase-change materials to store and process data. 
In effect, it is a significant step forward in the development of energy-efficient, ultra-dense integrated neuromorphic technologies for applications in cognitive computing.
Inspired by the way the biological brain functions, the artificial neurons designed by IBM scientists in Zurich consist of phase-change materials, including germanium antimony telluride, which exhibit two stable states, an amorphous one (without a clearly defined structure) and a crystalline one (with structure). I…

New VMware’s AirWatch Express in theMobile Device Management

At center of stakes, we have Speed Up and Simplify, data encryption and security, affordability and consumer-friendly.
Across the world, employees increasingly are using their smartphones, tablets and laptops for work purposes.
In effect, the world is experiencing the transformative nature of mobility, and mobile endpoint is paving its way as one of the primary computing devices for many businesses.
New Solution Helps Businesses of Any Size Deliver Apps, Configure Email and Wi-Fi Get Devices Up and Running Quickly .
VMware, Inc. , taps in this reality with its new solution: ‘AirWatch®Express™’ as a simple mobile device management (MDM) cloud solution to Help Businesses of Any Size Deliver Apps, Configure Email and Wi-Fi Get Devices Up and Running Quickly.
AirWatch Express can reduce security risks by enabling companies to control configurations, prevent data leakage, remotely wipe the device of work data if it's lost or stolen, and more.