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B2B eCommerce, Customer Experience Technologies, Lifecycle for Manufacturing Value Chains and IT Vendors.

The huge excitation comes from the B2C (business to customer) segment, where some key industrial actors like Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, Alibaba and a set of minors players across Asia witness this infatuation from people to purchase online or via their mobile. When it comes to B2B eCommerce (Business to Business) eCommerce, it is clear and obvious that, IT Vendors ought to create additional industry-specific capabilities in their core B2B eCommerce platforms.
Numerous reasons can motivate this approach:
Flexibility, seamless, scalability, performance values are henceforth determinant when it comes to the end-to-end competitiveness,
Manufacturers begin to push the envelope for marketing and selling their products through eCommerce,
Customer experience is reaching a prominent place in manufacturers' B2B eCommerce projects,
Customer experience is reaching great expectations and more.
As part of our global commitment, soon #Retinknow®, hails the new report from IDC Manufactu…

Mathematics and machine learning approach at the advent of cyberattacks and threats mutations and sophistication.

In our digital-world, flooded by the unstructured and structured data from multiple sources (online, on-premise, mobile, sensors, trackers, etc.), combined with the power of this new currency, it is henceforth clear to observe that,the rate at which these threats mutate and the sophistication with which they traverse networks is frequently astounding and has transformed the way we need to think about our defensive strategies. At , soon #Retinknow®, when it comes to meet this reality, we recommend collaboration in terms of information, intelligence, technologies, strategies, good practices, and good methodologies between all actors (solution providers, end-users, specialists, to name a few), of the cyber security industry. The mathematics and machine learning approach and methodologies, progressively gain in maturity, by their capabilityto help delivering:
Real-time, self-learning threat detection capabilities,
Helping to develop new signal intelligence capabilities,

Outils de compatibilité pour applications, analyse des performances graphiques sur mobile : Enjeux et ce que vaut Google.

La bonne combinaison technologique, les bonnes pratiques et méthodologies, la réduction des coûts d’opération ou d’exploitation, la flexibilité, la sécurité bout-en-bout, la performance, bref tout ce qui concoure à rendre une entreprise, un service, une technologie compétitive bout-en-bout, est désormais le chemin à suivre et une priorité pour chaque chef d’entreprise ou conseil de direction. Dans la configuration de la nouvelle convergence informatique, où le mobile est au centre, comme hardware et en termes d’applications, de technologies, de contenus, de productivité et d’amélioration des conditions de vie ; la démocratisation des outils de compatibilité pour applications, la maitrise des performances graphiques sur mobile, la maitrisedes différentes configurations matérielles en temps-réel, sont des facteurs déterminants de l’industrie du mobile. bientôt #Retinknow®, salue les efforts de Google et sa volonté profonde à renforcer en temps-réel ses outils de dévelo…