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Improve police services in our digital-driven world.

With overall adoption of Internet, as a strategic tool when it comes to interact, communicate, trade, sharing, get information, publish, improve working and living conditions, expand traditional services and more; it is grimy to observe that, we face and will face new types of crimes, delinquency and frauds. 
But it is also exciting to witness that, our police services have unmatched opportunities to improve their services, by expanding inter alia: use of new and advanced digital tools including predictive technologies , security cameras , sensing technologies, wearable technologies, social media channels, and mobile devices .
With these tools, police services can prevent as well as detect crimes in real-time and anywhere, if they use it to collect information and analyze specific cases; deeply communicate with citizens; identify where crime might occur and how best to deploy police; more interactions; bridge the communication gap between police and citizens and meet citizen expectation…

cloud-based mobile payment, shopping and marketing solutions startup, and a mobile-focused shopping marketplace.

Boostable, an advertising platform for marketplaces, has raised $2.6M /series ABoostable provides a simple tool for sellers to quickly launch ad campaigns on channels like Facebook or Google. Boostable will use the new cash to expand its partnerships and include new channels for advertisers.
Founded in 2005, Mozido has raised $185M in Series B and provides cloud-based mobile payment, shopping and marketing solutions through a real-time customer analytics platform. Mozido has raised $265 to date and will put the latest cash toward strategic acquisitions and global expansion.KoudaiGouwu, Founded in 2011, has raised $350M in Series C. Koudai is a mobile-focused shopping marketplace, headquartered in Beijing, that lets merchants sell direct to buyers and integrates with WeChat. Koudai will use the recent cash to expand its user base, looking to capitalize on WeChat's 438 million monthly active users.

A successful Smart City program in our digital-driven world.

Overall when it comes to cities, it could be (district, town, city, county, metropolitan area, city state), it is obvious that we witness: rapid urbanization, migration and population growth, constrained socio-economic resources and aging infrastructures.
This challenging reality needs holistic and sustainable solutions. With #Government, we help in real-time political leaders, public agencies and institutions to deal with new challenges by appropriating streamlined emerging technologies and resources.
Smart Sensors, Internet of Things, Big data/Analytics, cloud, and mobile technologies will play a key role when it comes to sustained Smart City developments.
This means inter alia that, cities need and can henceforth capture, analyze and save data; and use information to improve living conditions of their citizens, business, and government services.
Smart City initiatives through the use of sensing technologies that monitor air and water quality, transport and public safety operations, ar…

Google Forms brings more flexibility and options.

Following the recent updates , related to good looking surveys, and the ability to create your own personalized themes,, soon #Retinknow recalls that new tools, Google has launched (Forms add-on )created by its ecosystem of partners.
These add-ons deliver more features to your surveys, like setting a survey end date, sending custom emails based on responses, storing lists of choices that you frequently add to questions, and more.

With #Government, we arm and empower Business Executives with Insight and technologies needed to succeed.

Live in our digital-driven world means: be cautious, productive, efficient, flexible, scalable, and secure. 
At, soon #Retinknow, we think that, political leaders, government line-of-business executives, and IT executives deserve and should become more efficient, more effective, and reduce risk by being informed about today's challenges and preparing for tomorrow.
Therefore,, soon #Retinknow, will provide insights, best practices, technologies trends and offerings, to empower today’s government IT executives to address key challenges and successfully, navigate the evolving IT landscape.
#Government covers the disruptive technologies, market forces, and the transformative change management efforts that are critical to the evolution and success of national government agencies and programs., soon #Retinknow, collects relevant data through proprietary research projects, from ongoing communications with vendor and user experts; se…

With Digits, you can build trusted applications and websites.

This week was very enriching in security landscape. From 2-Step Verification a Google’s initiative, via the Q32014 State of the Internet, to the Next Generation Cybersecurity, it is encouraging to observe that security becomes a top priority. Thanks to Twitter who has joined the holistic trend with Digits. With Digits, we plunge into the two-factor authentication landscape, combining hardware and software to improve the security of online services. Pending, to  Start,, soon #Retinknow recalls that, you can empower your users to sign up or sign in to your app or website in two simple steps, by using SMS verification in lieu of passwords.
The service is available in 191 countries, for 28 languages, users can easily confirm their account with a simple code securely sent to their phone. 
Developers need just a few lines of code, when it comes to implement Digits within their apps or websites, without worries about infrastructure to deliver SMS.