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Technologies to extend and simplify integration on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based environments: the real value of Red Hat.

We talk about open source solutions, at Red Hat, Inc., a must-attend provider of open source solutions. On behalf of our global commitment with Devcorner, is aware of the rising pressure frommobile devices, cloud services, social technologies, and big data. Reason why, we have decided to talk the availability of RedHat JBoss Fuse 6.1 and RedHat JBoss A-MQ 6.1,( standards-based integration and

Here is why and how is must-attend when it comes to global digital transformation.

Companies, public sectors, developers and organizations of all sizes can henceforth deeply rely on to capture in real-time the full benefits from the end-to-end digital transformation. All the technologies, trends, figures, facts, analyses, solutions, platforms, people, tools and advices you need are available on both in English and French. Now you simply need to click on the link of your choices and discover, solutions, share and comment about your needs and preferences. All these episodes are available in the bottom of our website. Progressively, we will add additional resources. Internet of ThingsSupercomputingsBusiness Suite softwareAbout projectsIndice entreprises IT Logiciels collaboratifsNetworks Datacenter SolutionsStartupsDigital CurrenciesActive DigitalE-commerce Trends and AdvisesFinancial ResultsWeb Server Market and TrendsData BaseStorage Solutions for Enterprises

Track and analyze social activity for advertisers: Viacom and Mass Relevance pave their way.

Until now, it remains widely difficult to engage people through social media advertising campaigns. Facebook and Twitter are working to capture a large audience with a set of new mechanisms like a large display format, and more. The stake here is how to create actionable, engaging and visually

Detect, read and write more than 36 different 1D and 2D barcodes: the real value of Accusoft.

Increasingly, as a must-attend landmark for digital transformation, is mostly seduced by a set technologies developed at Accusoft. We talk about its abilities to capture, process, store and view images, documents and more. Thanks to DevCorner, who allows us to talk about enhancements to its Barcode Xpress software development kit (SDK) , which henceforth add, accurate barcode recognition

The fine line between Levels of Collaboration and Success of Big Data and Analytics Projects: facts, trends and figures.

Our unique experience of our today’s data-driven world, leads us to observe that: we are always at the early stage of this trend in terms of exploration, adoption and appropriation. But progressively, it is also evident that, we are surrounded by the proliferation of Big Data and Analytics technologies. In this context, people, enterprises, organizations and public sectors need to capture the key value-added of these technologies and be able to understand how they can fit very well with their needs. 

As part of our global commitment as the must-attend global landmark for digital transformation for the company of all sizes, fills the gap between Big Data and Analytics solution vendors and people, enterprises, organizations and public sectors. Our goal is to help both parties focus on a win-win mechanism. still recalls that, when it comes to Big Data and Analytics solutions; agility, scalability, flexibility, security, cost-effecience and files-export…

Easily publish, manage, and monetize your video: the real value of Frequency.

The mobile video consumption is growing very fast. This trend is worldwide and is fostered by the proliferation of the 3G and the LTE Advanced networks. As part of our global commitment with Active Digital and DevCorner, as a must-attend landmark for the end-to-end digital transformation, recommends a complete-integrated platform which focuses on the agility, flexible and scalable capabilities, when it comes to easily publish, manage, and monetize video across channels. This means that, video publishers, content owners need access to seamless and reliable technologies to publish, manage, and monetize their video on all devices. At Frequency, henceforth Frequency Sync aims to give content providers instant and easy access to entire distribution footprint across all their apps, and on all devices. In fact, Sync can allow video publishers to create and program channels, manage and traffic in-stream video advertising, and generate detailed analytics. h…

Model, detect, intercept, investigate and resolve attempts to electronic payments frauds: the real value of Fiserv.

It is always a duty at, to talk about electronic payment frauds, or financial services technology solutions. With the growing demand for mobility, risks, threats and frauds related to electronic payments, gain in sophistication and proliferation. As part of our global commitment with Active Digital and DevCorner, recommends to organizations, when it comes to electronic payment fraud prevention, to focus on an end-to-end method to model, detect, intercept, investigate and resolve attempts to steal funds from customer accounts through electronic payments such as ACH, SEPA and wire. is progressively impressed by Fiserv (provider of financial services technology solutions), in terms of vision and fruitions, when it comes to electronic payment fraud prevention. Its new real-time electronic payments monitoring capabilities to prevent fraud, captured by for you, covers both international and domestic payments for Autom…