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MuleSoft has shaken up the funding ecosystem last week: here is how!

The level of intervention and funding has been less large last week. Series A-based level got the gold palm. Exciting news for entrepreneurs and founders. With $128M / Series G, MuleSoft that provides an integration platform for connecting any application, data source or API, whether in the cloud or on-premises, demonstrates the maturity of its model. Founded in 2006, MuleSoft has raised $258.5M to date. Overall nearly $358M have been generated.

So, can now recall that:
With $13M / Series A, Stride, a health insurance recommendation engine for independent workers, aims to scale nationwide by the end of the year. Investors include: New Enterprise Associates, Venrock and Fidelity Biosciences. With $18M / Series A, Algolia that provides a hosted search API that allows websites and mobile applications to deliver search without having to build it out, aims to speed its expansion. Investors include: Accel Partners, Storm Ventures ,

Ingesting and analyzing data in our digital age.

Platforms based on open standards, open source software, and open APIs are henceforth at the center of our digital age when it comes to powerful and holistic streamlined end-to-end IT experiences anywhere and anytime.

In this dynamism, Ingesting and analyzing data means inter alia:
Seek more elegant and impactful ways to foster the Hadoop ecosystem,
Accelerate the adoption of open source standards upon which the big data platforms of tomorrow are being built today,
The movement of massive data,
Efficiently transferring bulk data between Hadoop and structured data stores, such as relational databases,
tap into all of your data assets,
Get real-time, meaningful insights ,
The ability to put in place open source standards for data collection, data flow, and data aggregation,·Drive real business results from big data, ·provide network data analytics  for IT operational intelligence, ·put data at the center of their company’s strategy, ·Rapidly derive actionable business intelligence from the data, …

Apache Flume and Apache Sqoop in the movement of massive data in our digital age.

Regarded by many industry experts and companies as the benchmark streamlined end-to-end digital transformation experience and commercial success, is inter alia proud to contribute to advances in the open source community.

In this momentum, recalls loves to recall that, Platforms based on open standards, open source software, and open APIs bring peace in minds and can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of application development, data ingestion, data analyzing and deployment.
Cloudera, pure-player in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop™, works in real-time to create open source API compatibility testing frameworks for accelerating the adoption of Apache Sqoop and Apache Flume. encourages this holistic initiative that inter alia: enable more next-generation, analytic workloads, and help to streamline the process of building next-generation products and apps for ingesting and analyzing data, and to …