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Showing posts from February 18, 2014

Delivering Mobile Ultra-Broadband Access in Large Public Venues: TE Connectivity and Alcatel-Lucent bring, great opportunities.

Congrats Alcatel-Lucent, encourages your ongoing commitment to develop and delivering competitive solutions related to 3G, 4G, Small Cells, and Wi-Fi for outdoor, indoor, and venue applications. This new milestone with TE Connectivity if deeply consolidated will help you outdo a set of internal shortcomings. But already, recalls that, you have evolved and enhanced DAS solutions and added that to your portfolio of Ultra-Broadband wireless and IP network solutions. Regarding TE Connectivity, we praise your overall efforts to make DAS solutions (enhanced coverage and capacity to subscribers in high-traffic locations) more efficient

With Oracle Global Trade Intelligence, Oracle aims to help you improve Strategic Decision Making.

Progressively, it becomes obvious that, organizations who move beyond automation of their global trade processes and are seeking ways to leverage their global trade data to make better business decisions. underscores this fact, because, today Oracle has release Oracle Global Trade Intelligence, its trade analytics module , which aims to enable organizations to better leverage global trade data to measure, and to predict and

Financement des startups : ce que vaut le groupe Allemand Siemens.

C’est désormais la règle pour tout grand groupe sérieux qui compte se projeter dans l’avenir : créer un fonds d’investissement destinés aux entreprises innovantes en amorçage. Siemens jusqu’ici agissait sans véritable boussole. On a ainsi vu ses investissements dans les start-up, comme Lago (visualisation 3D) et Counter Tack (cybersécurité). Avec le lancement du ‘’Industry of the Future Fund’’ son fonds d’investissement destiné à soutenir les jeunes pousses développant des technologies susceptibles de faire évoluer la fabrication et l’automatisation industrielle, le leader mondial des

Mobile contactless payments in France: Orange paves its way with Orange Cash NFC mobile payment service.

The mobile contactless payments industry has not really taken off in France. Meaning that, the market is immature. But has been seduced by the in-depth willingness of Orange to go forward, and henceforth the company is billed as, the first mobile network operator in France, to offer mobile contactless payments to its customers. Congrats Orange and is looking forward to draw your evolution worldwide as a forward-thinking IT leader with the global operations. This momentum is a fruit of Orange and Visa Europe which led to commercial launch of Orange Cash in Caen and Strasbourg, two of the cities with the highest use of

Start and manage meetings within enterprise: SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync accommodates new enhancements.

Following the recent release of Google Chromebox for Meetings, billed as, a disruptive technology, SMART Technologies Inc has improved its offering. If unfamiliar, recalls that, the SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync enables you to start and manage meetings with local and remote attendees. You can also write and draw over certain applications in digital ink. Henceforth, enhancements include interactive sharing that enables touch and inking into any software application; integration with SMART Meeting Pro PE™ (Personal Edition) software and the introduction of unbound workspace, and a new display sizes. observes that, with the introduction of interactive sharing, users henceforth have the freedom to work with any content directly on the display without being restricted by a mouse and keyboard. The collaboration experience has been

Fund Managers, the New SaaS-Based Budgeting Application from Confluence can help you.

Informed decisions are the key of our vision at, as a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations. The new Confluence offering has captured our attention by its capacity to integrate informed product decisions about which fund and share class offerings can optimize revenue potential. We talk about fund administration, to observe that, Unity NXT Budgeting, a new SaaS-enabled automated solution enables UCITS managers to manage their fund expenses and can reduce the cumulative hours spent on fixed ratio expense oversight, and can increase accuracy through the elimination of error-prone

Digital health companies: the real value of Welltok.

Progressively, At with a posture of a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, we are very excited to see how digital technologies improve our living conditions, health conditions and alimentation conditions. The smart wearable devices trend for instance,progressively has fulfilled our expectations. Among the key player as the digital health companies, Welltok has captured our attention, due to its vision, technologies and set of investors who carry out this project. The company recently raised $22 Million in Series C Funding, financing led by NEA, with new participation from IBM, and Qualcomm Incorporated, through its venture capital arm, Qualcomm Ventures’ life fund portfolio. Additional participants in the round include existing investors Emergence Capital Partners, InterWest Partners,

La sortie de Shavlik Patch pour Microsoft System Center, peut vous être utile.

Ce n’est pas toujours aisé d’appliquer efficacement les correctifs aux logiciels et systèmes d’exploitation, surtout lorsque cela passe par le manuel. Spécialistes ou pas vous devez vous armer de patience. a été séduis par l’approche de la gestion des correctifs de Shavlik ne nécessitant aucune installation d'applications ou d'agents supplémentaires pour le déploiement. Si quelques clics de souris suffisent, invite Shavlik à faire plus en termes de code. Les entreprises ont donc ici l’opportunité de résoudre les difficultés de gestion des