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Outil de modélisation UML dans le Cloud : ce que vaut le français Axellience.

Nos amis développeurs peuvent avoir un sourire sur les lèvres,GenMyModel, de la société illinoise (France) Axellience, va connaitre un développement accéléré tant sur le plan commercial que technologique. 500 000 euros levés auprès de Finovam pour assurer son développement, représentent un grand souffle pour cette jeune pousse lancée en 2012 avec l’ambitieux projet de faciliter la mise en place des solutions (modélisation utilisable en mode cloud) supportant le langage universel UML. Si en France, on semble toujours en retard en ce qui concerne l’innovation, avec GenMyModel, de la société illinoise (France) Axellience, on est à l’avant-garde de l’innovation en apportant des solutions réelles aux problèmes. Comme leader avant-gardiste IT, avec des opérations internationales, salue le dynamisme de la jeune équipe autour de GenMyModel. GenMyModel, est donc une plate forme de modélisation UML collaborative en mode SaaS, qui propose une alternative aux solutions desktop exi…

New Innovations for the Internet of Things: AT&T and IBM pave their way.

The Internet of Things trend obliges, we talk about a new global alliance agreementbetween AT&T and IBM to develop solutions that help support the Internet of Things. Meaning that, both companies will combine their analytic platforms, cloud, and security technologies to gain more insights on data collected from machines in a variety of industries. As you can imagine, smarter cities, cars, homes, machines and consumer devices will drive the growth of the Internet of Things along with the infrastructure that goes with them, unleashing a wave of new possibilities for data

3014 Global Mobile Awards: MaaS360 paves its way.

Congrats guys!, encourages your willingness, enabling mobile technology to positively impact business outcomes. With MaaS360, talks about mobile tools to help users work smarter and do business better on the move. If unfamiliar, we recall that, Fiberlink, is an IBM company, one of the key players in cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM). Its portfolio of services has been shortlisted in the Global Mobile Awards for the Best Cloud Based Technology for Mobile. The Best Cloud Based Technology for Mobile award was designed to highlight cloud technologies, which improve operational efficiencies, allow greater economy of scale and allow for new and enhanced services

13 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor with High Speed Video Technology: Toshiba paves its way.

The high consumption of videos via Smartphone and digital tablets continues to speed-up innovation in the Image Sensor industry. The new trend focuses on the Full HD Video. Meaning that, Smartphones and Tablets will be able to record about 240 fps Equivalent Full HD Video. At Toshiba Corporation, has captured today, the “T4K82”, a 13-megapixel BSICMOS image sensor that aims to allow smartphones and tablets to record full HD video at 240 equivalent frames per second (fps). Billed, as the industry’s highest frame rate (240 equivalent frames per second (fps), the sample shipments are scheduled to start in March 2014. can also observe that, this new sensor can allow smartphones and tablets to record high quality, high speed video, and to offer extended imaging functions including smooth slow motion playback and high speed continuous shooting. The sensor has adopted a newly developed low power circuit design that reduces power consumption to 82% that of…

Smartphone et Tablette Android et iOS en entreprises : Samsung, Lenovo et Apple tirent la croissance des OS mobiles.

Les différentes études publiées et réalisées sur l’adoption des smartphones ou des tablettes au sein des entreprises, intègrent toujours de légères différences en fonction des entreprises, des pays, des constructeurs, et des types d’usages. Aujourdhui, a capturé les chiffres de l’éditeur de MDM Fiberlink, filiale d’IBM qui classe Samsung comme le principal fournisseur de terminaux Android (smartphones et tablettes) avec 56% de part de marché, devant Motorola (22%) en entreprises. Selon cette étude réalisée aux USA, Android est principalement présent au sein des entreprises, avec environ (84%) au travers des smartphones, pour moins de (16%) des tablettes. Selon Good Technology, l’iPad de Apple, tirerait la croisse chez les

Funding: Renaissance Learning, Postmates, and ZenPayroll can now accelerate their expansion.

If unfamiliar, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of funding, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this is an instrument for them to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund their projects.
Renaissance Learning(founded in 1984, Wisconsin learning analytics company), has raised $40 million from Google Capital. Renaissance offers a variety of cloud-based learning and assessment tools designed to provide a data-driven approach to teachers and students. Renaissance Learning currently serves 18 million student users and will use the new fund to build out products in its pipeline and explore acquisition

Cloud-based mobile payments, Visa paves its way: stakes and opportunities

Online payment industry despite the security threats progressively gains in maturity, in terms of technologies, actors and adoption. Henceforth the big challenge is the user experience requiring simplicity and secure ways. At Visa, one of the key players in the digital payment industry, the new momentum includes the extension of the Visa Ready Program to enable Visa payment functionality in the cloud. Officially announced yesterday, henceforth, Visa is offering clients new options to securely deploy mobile payment programs, including an option to host Visa payWave-enabled accounts in a secure, virtual cloud. observes that, the move expands Visa’s support for mobile payments globally and aims to give financial institutions secure ways, allowing its customers to pay with smartphones. As a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, encourages this approach which includes flexible, cost efficient and secure ways to

Google Capital is ready to invest in companies solely, when they hit their growth phase.

Officially, operational since yesterday, henceforth Google Capital enriches the Google investments portfolio with a new approach; this times targeting companies on growth phase. In fact if Google Ventures‘s goal is to invest in the most promising companies of tomorrow, with Google Capital, Google is finding companies that have already built a solid foundation and are really ready to expand their business in big ways. Google promises to look across a range of industries for companies with new

Protect Critical Data; IBM brings IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics on the ground: stakes and opportunities.

With this new offering, we talk about the identification and defense against hidden threats. As you imagine, sophisticated cyber attacks continue to occur, data breaches continue to impact organizations, the need to reduce detection time increases, the impact on the business becomes more dangerous. Cyber criminals often gain access to a corporate network weeks or months before actual data is compromised. These are the facts. As a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, has is seduced by the new module, in terms of tactic to retrace ‘’the step-by-step actions of

Henceforth Facebook via WatsApp is the king of mobile messaging app industry: stakes and opportunities.

Pending, to receive the regulatory approvals, and following the failure to buyback Snapchat, Facebook has entered to the definitive agreement to acquire WatsApp, one of the most popular mobile messaging app. Well positioned, in Asia, WatsApp generates about 450 million monthly active users worldwide, 70% of those people active on a given day; Messaging volume approaches the entire global telecom SMS volume; and currently adding more than 1 million new registered users per day. WatsApp combined to Facebook Messenger, mean that, Mark Zuckerberg is now the king of the mobile messaging app industry with more than 800 millions monthly active