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Showing posts from July 29, 2013

‘’Orange confirms the objective it has set for 2013 of operating cash flow of more than 7 billion euros’’.

In the occasion of the release of Orange Q2 financial results, Connectikpeople has observed that, the Group has confirmed the objective it has set for 2013 of operating cash flow of more than 7 billion euros. In this dynamic, the ratio of net debt/EBITDA should be about 2.2

Terason, a division of Teratech announced the launch of the new uSmart 3200T Ultrasound System.

In its commitment for improve and expand its portfolio, Terason, a division of Teratech has launched the newuSmart 3200T Ultrasound System. Billed as the first in Terason’s uSmart family of proprietary products, this new tablet, aims to change the way healthcare is

Oracle has extended the cloud management capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

It remains more or less complex to appreciate the timing of this new announcement which follows the recent availability of Oracle Database 12c. However, Connectikpeople may recall that, Oracle Database 12c is billed as the first database design for the Cloud. It aims to deliver a

CCleaner v4.04 has been released and brings support for Windows 8.1 preview and more.

Following the release of CCleaner v4.03, Piriform has announced today, the availability of CCleaner v4.04, which includes:

iOS 7 App Migration: Solstice announced a new offering, to assist businesses.

In its commitment to advise complex organizations on the use of emerging technologies and approaches that optimize engagements with their employees, customers, and partners, Solstice Mobile has announced new offering around iOS7 App Migration, with the

Pour plus de 1.5 milliards d’euros, Alstom fournira un métro clé en main pour la ville de Riyad en Arabie saoudite.

En termes de marché remportés et en prospections, 2013, est une année très dense et riche pour le groupe français Alstom. De la chine, en passant par l’Europe de l’Ouest pour atterrir pour la première fois en Arabie Saoudite en fin juillet 2013, Alstom se sent

Toshiba has launched ultra-compact MOSFETs for the switches of high-current charging circuits.

The new ultra-compact "SSM6J781G" and "SSM6J771G", address the increasing needs of the mobile devices in terms of energy.
This Toshiba's latest additions to its high-current MOSFET line-up of high-power dissipation packages enters to mass production

Epson Electronics America (EEA) announced a new programmable crystal oscillator.

By being part of its popular SG-8003 series, this new release is an advanced improvement in terms of measuring, stability and size. Announced today, the easy-to-program SG-8003CG is brings 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.8t (max.) mm, a footprint and cubic size are

Study: NFC, MEMS Sensors, and Gesture Recognition the famous Smartphone Differentiators in 2013.

These data provided by ABI Research, show us progressively the power, the evolution, the capability, and the useful of the Smartphones, in terms of technologies and supports embarked. Therewith, according to ABI Search, accelerometers, vision-based

Batterie intelligente : Apple s’introduit dans le jeu des brevets.

De plus en plus, et ce de manière fulgurante, pour les besoins de confort et d’efficacité, les smartphones accueillent des technologies, des outils et des applications très gourmandes en énergie. En effet, pour ce qui est appelé à devenir un outil