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Web and mobile test automation and monitoring platforms: stakes, recommendations and solution.

When it comes distinctively to cloud-based services and technologies, it is obvious that, the flexibility, scalability, agility, transparency and the predictability are the main factors and henceforth transform how we: appropriate, consume and implement IT services and technologies. 
By putting our focusing on the web and mobile test automation and monitoring platforms,, draws your attention on some specific factors which ally, productivity and performance.
Therefore, we recommend: developers, QA professionals and IT operations teams to focus on comprehensive, flexible, secure and scalable platform which can deliver inter alia: The ability to collect and analyze every byte of real user data in real-time, with minimum of aberrations or outliers;Real-time visibility and critical metrics;Accurate predictions on critical assets;Facts-based and data-supported business decisions;Real users in real-time;Visibility and control of how user performance impacts their business.Con…

Here is what IT departments need in our cloud-driven environment: realities and effective recommendations.

Beyond the unmatched benefit of the cloud computing (flexibility, scalability, productivity, transparency, and agility), a set of aggressive bottlenecks, bias, and hurdles remains visible within certain areas, organizations, public sector and enterprises.
This reality is normal, and it is our role to help you to better understand, enjoy and harness your cloud journey. 
Therefore,, soon #Retinknow® focuses now on what IT departments need in our cloud-driven environment.
At, soon #Retinknow®, we believe that you need inter alia:
Qualified staff to effectively support cloud projects;
To upskill their employees to effectively evaluate, negotiate contracts with, and manage relationships with cloud service providers;To learn how to make effective use of automation, self-service, and orchestration tools;A great deal of transformation ;Need to invest in people, process, and technology to mature their cloud architecture;business-critical te…

Order fulfillment and logistics operations in our digital-driven environment: realities, recommendations and solution.

As you can imagine, in our digital-driven world, with e-commerce as one of the most exciting trends, companies with larger facilities meet and will face complexities in terms of or related to: data, management, security, monitoring, flow, visibility, distribution and productivity.
This means inter alia that: the production chain, the supply chain, the security chain and the competiveness chain become, more and more complex.
Therefore, companies with larger facilities, need: fluidity, automation process, comprehensive visibility and control within infrastructures and systems.
Oracle Value Chain Execution suite of applications could be a pathway for companies with larger facilities to appropriate the challenges related to their business. The availability of Oracle Yard Management, an extension to the Oracle Value Chain Execution suite of applications mans inter alia that companies with larger facilities can: Manage and track the flow of trailers and their contents into, within, and out of…

Politiques de sécurité communes autour de l’utilisation du mobile et applications mobile dans l’entreprise : réalités, recommandations et solutions.

Les entreprises qu’elles soient majors ou PMEs, ne peuvent plus se passer de l’utilisation du mobile, lorsqu’il s’agit de performance, productivité et de la compétitivité bout-en-bout donc elles ont besoins. 
Nous avons produit un guide sur la mobilité en entreprise, qui en moins de 24H est devenus un référence pour des millions d’entreprises dans le monde, principalement dans les économies matures (USA, Russie, Suède, Norvège, Allemagne, Canada, France)., bientôt #Retinknow salue la volonté croissance d’un pays comme le Cameroun (Professionnels IT) à bruler les étapes lorsqu’il s’agit de la nouvelle convergence informatique.
Ceci étant dis, rappelons tout de suite que, dans notre environnement de plus en plus digitale, les données numériques sont notre actif le plus précieux.
Ce qui veut dire entre autres que, l’étape de la compétitivité bout-en-bout ne peut s’être appropriée si l’on néglige la productivité et la sécurité.
Par conséquent lorsque, bien…