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The convergence of IBM Watson Discovery Advisor and the knowledge and insight each expert needs in its field.

In our mobile-driven world, we can worry about the proliferation of unstructured and structured data from multiple sources, but the infatuation and the excitement generated by the Cognitive computing, DevOps, Hadoop, Computer vision, Deep Learning and Machine learning, help us in real-time to deal with this trend and deeply transform inter alia: industries, lives, R&D, living conditions and professions.,  salutes the performance progressively achieved by IBM Watson.
Henceforth as a cloud service, which means inter alia flexibility and scalability, IBM Watson Discovery Advisorcan bring new levels of speed and precision to research and development.
The industry implications are infinite; therefore it is exciting to observe that, IBM Watson Discovery Advisor can help: ·Researchers, scientists, commercial research centers to rapidly analyze and test hypotheses using data in millions of scientific papers available in public databases, ·Researchers can uncover new relatio…