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Warning: here is, a security advisory to address a vulnerability in Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Director.

Cisco continues to uncover and to patch, a set of holes and bugs within its services and products. Today, the company has released a security advisory to address a vulnerability in Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Director. This vulnerability could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to take complete control of the affected device due to a default root user account created during installation. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability would provide the attacker with full administrative

Wireless Communication of High Quality Video: Toshiba paves its way.

OTT tuners, IP media box, wearable devices, and digital signage equipment trend obliges, has captured today the launch of the “TZ5000 series” of application processors supporting wireless communication of high quality video. Billed, as the latest addition to Toshiba ApP Lite™, observes that, the “TZ5000 series” application processors integrate: ·A baseband function compliant with IEEE802.11ac, the

The overall Turkish PC market in Q4 2013 market: stakes and opportunities.

If, the trend leads us to observe that, the overall PC market decelerates, it is obvious that, the PC remains primarily very productive for the professionals. The PC market deceleration is driven by some factors like, the economic slump, and the increasing demand for mobility. According to International Data Corporation, increasing preference for Tablets combines with fluctuating exchange rates to hinder Turkish PC

Bureautique en ligne et services collaboratifs : comprendre pourquoi remplace la marque Office Web Apps.

Devancé dès septembre 2013 avec la version ‘’Quickoffice for everyone’’, une offre qui rejoint les applications gratuites de Google, Microsoft réactive et fait évoluer sa suite bureautique et outils collaboratifs en ligne. Très boudée jusqu’ici par les internautes à cause de nombreuses insuffisances en termes de fonctionnalités et ressources, Microsoft répond à Google et à ses fans en regroupant sur l’ensemble de ses services bureautiques et collaboratifs, notamment Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote Online, OneDrive (ancien SkyDrive)

Solutions publicitaires numériques personnalisées : ce que vaut Criteo via Tedemis.

Le 4 décembre 2013, nous évoquions les capacités de retargeting mobile du français Criteo, pour constater qu’avec l’acquisition la société Ad-X Tracking, les choses s’accéléraient pour celui qui n’était jusqu’ici opérationnel que sur les ordinateurs. Criteo développe une approche du retargeting, progressivement multi-canal (sites web, ordinateurs, mobiles et e-mail). C'est-à-dire, réactive et cible les internautes et les mobinautes susceptibles de s’intéresser aux marques et services de ses partenaires. Pour y arriver sur les ordinateurs, Criteo exploitent ses algorithmes qui ciblent les internautespour générer des bannières publicitaires à la volée. Avec la technologie Ad-X Tracking, Criteo envoie des e-mails personnalisés contenant des messages très ciblés, afin de repêcher un internaute ayant visité un site e-commerce

Mobile World Congress 2014: Cisco highlights its vision of Mobile Internet.

As a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, is proud to see how the mobility trend draws and drives innovations, new behaviors, new services and technologies. Our interest for the Mobile World Congress 2014 demonstrates our willingness to help companies, enterprises, professionals, public sector, organizations to capture the full benefits and possibilities of mobility in the Internet of Everything. At Cisco, lot of initiatives, innovative projects, technologies and approaches are ramping-up. In this dynamic, Cisco earlier this week  announced the expansion of its virtualization offerings for service providers with the introduction of the Cisco® Evolved Services Platform (ESP), a key element of the company’s Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) strategy, which works in conjunction with the

Funding: ThreatStream, Acompli, Ionic Security, can now expand and develop new models.

If unfamiliar, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of funding, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this is an instrument for them to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund their projects.
ThreatStream( Founded in 2013, Redwood City-based cybersecurity startup), has raised a Series A round of $4 million led by Google Ventures with participation from Paladin Capital Group, Tom Reilly, and Hugh Nijemanze. ThreatStream is building the first crowd-sourced cyber security intelligence solution, leveraging data and analytics to aggregate and filter through millions of threat indicators from around the internet to identify potential threats and targets in real time. ThreatStream will use the new funds to add another layer of security for enterprise and government customers.
Acompli( founded in 2014,S…

Warning: Security note includes vulnerabilities in Cisco IPS Software, Adobe Flash Player and advisory for Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

Image has captured updates to address three vulnerabilities in the Cisco Intrusion Prevention Software (IPS). These vulnerabilities affect multiple versions of Cisco IPS Software on multiple platforms and could allow remote, unauthenticated attackers to cause a Denial of Service condition. encourages users and administrators to review the Cisco advisory to determine if they are running vulnerable versions of Cisco IPS Software and apply

The 2013 Global 4G LTE Market and trends: the real value of ZTE.

Increasing demand of the mobility, the high consumption of videos, photos, the maturation of the Cloud technologies and the internet of things trend, continue to draw investments and innovations in 4G Networks and its industry. Today as a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, talk about the ZTE highlights during year 2013. We observe that, In terms of 4G Networks, according to the IHS research paper Global LTE Market Analysis, ZTE was one of the top three LTE infrastructure vendors with 17.9 percent

Warning: PostgreSQL 9.3.3, 9.2.7, 9.1.12, 9.0.16 and 8.4.20 released, bringing fixes for multiple security issues.

Image has captured an important update of all supported versions of the PostgreSQL database system, which includes minor versions 9.3.3, 9.2.7, 9.1.12, 9.0.16, and 8.4.20. This update contains fixes for multiple security issues: several fixes for replication and data integrity issues. Therefore recommends users  to update urgently their installations at the earliest opportunity, to mitage the risk especially those using binary replication

Comprendre pourquoi Facebook a racheté WatsApp et les réalités, défis et enjeux autour du business de la messagerie multiplateformes et multifonctions.

Dans l’industrie des applications de messagerie multiplateformes et multifonctions, les réalités, défis et enjeux sont différents en fonctions des pays. Ce qui veut dire qu’il y’a pas vraiment de leader incontesté et incontournable dans ce business.
Prenons le cas de l’Aise du sud (Chine, Japon, Inde, Corée du Sud, Philippines, Thaïlande, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonésie, Malaisie), la région la plus dynamique au monde en termes d’applications, d’utilisateurs et de revenus