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Automatic’s new Connected Car Adapter with Cellular Signal

The connected car industry is on an interesting curve when it comes to deliver intuitive, seamless and exciting experiences to end-users.
The maturation dynamics are triggered across the world. Automatic focuses now on its new Automatic Pro service, designed to help you experience the power of a connected car based on your specific needs and interests. New data based on billions of miles of driving behavior is also available.
One can observe that, Automatic Pro’s adapter with a cellular signal focused on IoT and real-time connectivity. 
Features include: real-time vehicle location tracking, a new and improved Crash Alert feature, integration with the Automatic App Gallery, the ability for Automatic Pro to act as a surrogate mechanic when the check engine light comes on, and much more. 
A brand new Automatic app for iOS and Android provides customizable notifications for everything Automatic tracks. Built-in IFTTT integration can let users automate popular online services and more advance…

Migrate Oracle Forms applications or legacy apps into modern web and mobile applications

It is now obvious that, line-of-business managers and IT departments can cost-effectively design and develop mission-critical applications across all devices and platforms from one code base.
In effect, a set of streamlined Frameworks are now available to seamlessly enable enterprises to transform legacy applications into modern web apps, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.
For instance, partnering with 4Morphis, Sencha leverages Ext JS, a JavaScript framework to help customers migrate their Oracle Forms applications into modern web and mobile applications. 
Sencha leverages its integration with the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, to help deploy these modernized apps on-premises or in a public, private or hybrid cloud.