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The combination of Data science, Machine learning and Behavioral analytics to tackle cybersecurity attacks.

It is now obvious that, the culture of negligence, lack of skills and the increasing sophisticated cybersecurity attacks are at the heart of stakes when it comes to streamline our digital experiences.
In this context, data science and machine-learning algorithms can bring peace in minds when it comes to: ·Detect Advanced, Hidden and Insider Threats Out-of-the-Box Using Data Science, ·Improve Threat Detection with Targeted Incident Response, ·Dramatically Increase SOC Efficiency Therefore, salutes the combination of Splunk® andCaspida™ technology that can help unifying breach response with breach detection.

Open source log analysis platforms in our digital age.

We live henceforth in an open source age, where the combination of talent and seamless, collaboration and flexibility transforms our working and living conditions.
The open source log analysis platform brings henceforth the agility organizations need when it comes to store, search and analyze machine data collected from their IT infrastructures to quickly pinpoint and address the root cause of operational problems.
Flexible, scalable, fast, agile, and cost-efficient platforms capable of deriving operational intelligence from huge data stores of machine data, are recommended by as a fully integrated platform for collecting, indexing, and analyzing both structured and unstructured data from multiple sources. 
Graylog and log analysis tools such as Splunk pave their way in this vertical.

Free Hadoop On-Demand Training with Availability of Complete Apache HBase Certification Curriculum.

In our data-driven age, it is henceforth clear that, interest grows in Hadoop and the NoSQL development model and data professionals are now at the core of stakes.
MapR Technologies, Inc., has announced availability of a complete Apache HBase design and development curriculum on its free Hadoop On-Demand Training program. salutes this momentum that permits data architects and Java developers to learn the HBase data model and architecture, explore HBase schema design and run a series of developer labs in order to gain HBase development competency.