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Integrated management, Open source and Container-based DevOps solutions in our cloud-driven age.

Exciting to see that Integrated management, Open source and container-based DevOps solutions are driving groundbreaking innovations in cloud computing. Increased scalability, productivity, portability, performance, security, agility and efficiency are now well shared within the companies. 
Red Hat Cloud Suite for Applications, taps into this momentum with the goal to accelerate way to develop, deploy, and manage applications at scale using open source technologies. 
Red Hat Cloud Suite for Applications bring together Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for massive scalability and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for faster application delivery, combined with a unified management framework that supports hybrid deployment models.

Nearly $900M pour in the digital economy last week.

The internet based-services and technologies attract and capture henceforth the most audacious and strategic investments. Investors are more and more serene to fund established models and entrepreneurs. The sharing economy continues to shakes up the landscape.
Lastweek nearly $900M have been invested in: mobile tools and analytics for salespeople; healthcare appointment booking platform; social bookmarking site; financial education and advice via online tools;NoSQL database, e-signature technology and more.
$2.0M / Series A for Immediately that provides mobile tools and analytics for salespeople. Immediately has raised $2.6M since 2013. Investors include: QueensBridge Venture Partners, Galvanize Ventures, Streamlined Ventures and more.
$7.2M / Series A for Zesty is a London-based healthcare appointment booking platform. Zesty is currently live in over 15 cities in the U.K., and plans to use its funding to expand into additional cities throughout the U.K. and Western Europe. We have Qu…

Ubuntu, OpenStack and Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) solutions.

Always exciting to observe that Open-source solutions like OpenStack, lead innovation within enterprises; focusing inter alia on: productivity, performance, automation and technology collaboration. 
In thismomentum, henceforth Nexentaand Canonical, will develop and deliver solutions that help their respective customers simplify and accelerate large-scale Ubuntu OpenStack deployments on Nexenta OpenSDS solutions, including NexentaStor for File and Block and NexentaEdge for Object and Block.  Feel Free to contact us and submit your app or technology.

Revolutionary Battery, Wearables and big data, mobile payment ring, Smartphone Microscope.

Last week, we have had exciting new opportunities to uncover how digital technologies and services impact henceforth our living conditions.
Wearables with its aggregated big-dataimprove now our bodies, health and our daily lives. Personal tracking devices are revealing diet, exercise, and environment patterns that contribute to disease.
Beyond current industry-leading lithium-ion batteries realities,Swatch, is working on a battery (set to debut in 2016) that it claims can power a smartwatch for six months on a single charge.

The mobile payment market is more and more aggressive in terms of offerings. Mobile payments can be easy and safer than credit cards. However, you can’t make them everywhere just yet.

The CellScope, a clinical-grade microscope can scan for parasites in a single drop of blood in a few minutes by communicating with a custom app over Bluetooth, could be a breakthrough in the healthcare industry, to be used as a tool to determine appropriate courses of action in diagn…