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A new web-based data system that can help quickly and easily identify students with multiple risk factors for dropping out.

If, it is exciting to observe that the U.S. high school graduation rate hashit an all-time high of 80 percent; we are all concerned to learn that, about 3 million students exit high school annually without graduating. This is painful for the involved families and catastrophic for the entire nation. But, thanks to the Big Data and Analytic technologies and methodologies which henceforth help: colleges and districts, universities and educators, to mitigate the risks, when it comes to help each individual reach graduation, based on informed decisions. As part of our global commitment, soon Retinknow® encourages MindShine Technologies (developer of the Student Risk Assessment System), to continue focusing on the objective factors to help districts proactively identify and help

L’industrie SMS, MMS et Applications de messagerie en Chine : acteurs clés, chiffres, tendances et réalités.

Un regard transversal à travers le monde, et notre unique expérience des applications de messagerie multifonctions, permettent à bientôt Retinknow®, d’observer en temps-réel la montée en puissance des applications de messagerie multifonctions. Ces applications, en prenant l’exemple de WeChat sont devenues de véritables cités cosmopolites. Tout est progressivement fait pour que les utilisateurs retrouvent dans ces applications de messagerie multifonctions, ce dont ils ont envie et besoin quotidiennement. Des échanges amicaux, en passant par le shopping, le divertissement, les communications et les mouvements financiers, les applications de messagerie multifonctions sont devenues des cités dans les cités, des pays à l’intérieur des pays.
A ce rythme, on peut penser à la disparition soudaine du SMS traditionnel, mais il résiste, malgré la régression continuelle observée. Selon le ministère chinois de l’industrie et des technologies de l’information, la chine a envoyé une …

Advanced light jet: soon Retinknow® congratulates Honda Aircraft Company for its technological prowess.

In our high uptake-energy-driven world, it is always exciting to observe that, certain people work on the fuel-efficient technologies and methodologies. It is also exciting to note that, the light jets with a composite fuselage can improve our living conditions when it comes to optimize our Business Travels. Following the achievement of the Federal Aviation Administration type certification, the HondaJetrecently achieved its initial flight. Pending its entry into service in 2015, soon Retinknow®, recalls that, the HondaJet can fly at a maximum cruise speed of 420 knots (483 mph) and has a maximum altitude of 43,000 feet. It bringsup to five passengers seats in a standard configuration and can travel at an NBAA IFR range of 1,180 nautical miles (1,357

One of the most important steps towards tackling internal security.

Talking about security, this is, talking about a fundamental need and an interminable fight which requires a real-time vigilance in terms of formation, sensitization, innovation and technologies. Our unique experience when it comes to security threats, trends and technologies, leads us to encourage IS Decisions , the company who help you safeguard and secure your Microsoft Windows and Active Directory infrastructure. According to its new report titled ‘From Brutus to Snowden: a study of insider threatpersonas’(PDF),the majority of desk-based workers in the US and the UK do not believe that sharing their work-related logins represents a security risk to their employer. Less than a third of people (28%) would know who to report a security breaches to in their organization. Nearly a quarter (23%) of people has shared their password with one or more of their colleagues, with a further 10% having shared theirs with a manager. soon Retinknow® also observes that, password sha…