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The latest about Docker in our digital-driven world.

At, we are more and more impressed by this emerging technology, by its ability to transform how we consume and are going to consume IT, data, and computing, content and mobile applications.

Following the release of Docker Engine 1.4 with an emphasis on bug fixes and platform stability, Docker 1.4 embarks now Overlay Filesystem as a new, experimental, storage driver.

We have also captured for you all the slides and the first 2 videos from DockerCon Europe 2014 which took place in Amsterdam last week.

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with IBM Storwize storage system.

We are still at the early stage when it comes to the integrated systems market, but it is exciting and encouraging to see that, IBM and Cisco collaborate to ‘’speed Data Center Transformation’’ with new Integrated Infrastructure Solution Delivered by Business Partners.
Henceforth, both companies announced the availability of an integrated solution that combines Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with IBM Storwize storage system.
The VersaStack™ solution is designed to deliver efficiency and versatility for cloud, big data and analytics, and mobility deployments.

Generating data in our data-driven world.

Beyond the fact, historic and public data, unstructured and structured data from multiple sources has exploded and multiplied, it is henceforth clear and obvious that, we have the ability to collect, organize, and analyze it.
Generating data in our data-driven world, means inter alia: send a text message, type a tweet, post a Facebook photo, click a link, type a query on Google, register for online service or buy something online.
This leads us to observe that, henceforth, data storage is cheaper than ever, processing power is more massive than ever, and tools are more accessible than ever to mine the zettabytes of available data for business intelligence.

3 Data Careers Decoded: stakes, challenges, realities and recommendations.

In our data-driven world where we have more than 4 billion Internet users, and 1.75 billion cell phone users, where it is a better time to pursue a career in data and leverage data analysis to make effective decisions, Cheng Han Lee, invites you to taking stock of your three main career options: data analyst, data scientist, and data engineer.
Data analyst ‘A data analyst is essentially a junior data scientist. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re new to a career in data and eager to cut your teeth. Data analysts don’t have the mathematical or research background to invent new algorithms, but they have a strong understanding of how to use existing tools to solve problems. Skills and tools Data analysts need to have a baseline understanding of five core competencies: programming, statistics, machine learning, data munging, and data visualization. Beyond technical skill, attention to detail and the ability to effectively present results are equally important to be successful as a data an…

A predictive SaaS platform for sales teams and cloud-based enterprise collaboration and content management software.

Infer, Founded in 2010 and based in Palo Alto, (a predictive SaaS platform that sales teams can use) to optimize their efforts, has $25M in a series A. Infer has raised $35 million to date and will use the new cash to accelerate growth and ramp up its sales and marketing team.
Huddle, Founded in 2006, (a cloud-based enterprise collaboration and content management software), based in San Francisco, has raised a new $51M in a Series D. Valued between $250 million and $300 million, Huddle will use the latest cash to grow its business in the U.S. and Europe.