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Showing posts from September 3, 2012

Video Game : Comprendre l’impact culturel et éducatif développement des jeux vidéo liés à la culture dite africaine.

LinkedIn/Jobs:Learn more about Why invest in LinkedIn Recruiter

Via this video posted by LinkedIn , Corporate talent acquisition leaders share their stories of harnessing the power of LinkedIn, and how it has impacted the quality, cost, and time of hire for their organizations.

LinkedIn: Find out The LinkedIn Idea Bank: a new internal web site since August 2012

App Mobile : Lumière sur l’impact social Log28 : Maîtrise du rythme des naissances avec son mobile from Senegal.

Application web : Lumière sur les Enjeux FINETA : Application web de génération et d’analyse collaborative d‘états financiers OHADA (Afriq

Music Player: Light on SunuPlayer Oraganising Senegalese music and artist profiles via intuitive interface