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New Motorola X Phone with a Sapphire Glass screen?

The Thermo-Kettle: an electric water kettle plus thermos.

Designer Matt Hughson envisions the iPhone 6 with an integrated aluminum outer frame.

Moving Moving Concept: to play songs as well as movies and videos on the go. : une coalition décidé en découdre avec les ambitions de Google.

Google Développe le haut débit sans interférence via et les espaces blancs en Afrique du Sud : enjeux et opportunités.

Summly has been acquired by Yahoo!: stake and opportunity.

Henceforth FreeBSD 8.4-BETA1 is available for testing: known issues and features.

Guestpost: Learn more about the White House’s Social Innovation initiative and see how you can make your mark.

The new Siri Eyes Free feature on Chevrolet new Sonic 2013 model: stake and opportunity.

Google+ for iOS accommodates major update in Version 4.3.0