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New Motorola X Phone with a Sapphire Glass screen?

According several sources, Motorola, the Google owned mobile manufacturer is planning to release in November 2013 its Xphone with a 2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, a huge 4000mAh battery, and a Sapphire Glass screen. This means that three times stronger

The Thermo-Kettle: an electric water kettle plus thermos.

Designed by Adam Hiler, the Thermo-Kettle is compact and can carry around 1 liter of liquid. It aims to be ideal companion for your travels. It is more or less the perfect combination of a thermos and a cordless electric water kettle. You can also use the cap of the kettle to brew for example your tea while the thermos keeps

Designer Matt Hughson envisions the iPhone 6 with an integrated aluminum outer frame.

While the rumor is going ahead about the upcoming iPhone 6, may be in Jun 29, 2013 ,Designer Matt Hughson envisions the iPhone 6 to come designed with an integrated aluminum outer frame, which creates a protective lip for the front and back of the phone. This provides improved protection for your screen and camera.
‘’The cut away in the upper left corner gives the phone an added functionality in the form of a slot. This gives the user an attachment feature as well as lock-ability.

Moving Moving Concept: to play songs as well as movies and videos on the go.

Designed by Dong Gyum Kim the goal here is to marry a docking station with a mini portable projector. It aims to be simple and  classy and can include added functionalities. : une coalition décidé en découdre avec les ambitions de Google.

Google qui a débuté avec la recherche, occupe en fin Mars 2013, presque tous les segments d’internet. Ce qui ne plait pas évidemment à beaucoup d’autres acteurs dela toile et ils le font savoir à haute voix. En effet Microsoft, Nokia, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Oracle, Hotwire réunis sous la bannière, sont décidés à contrer les ambitions hégémoniques de Google s’agissant de la génération des noms

Google Développe le haut débit sans interférence via et les espaces blancs en Afrique du Sud : enjeux et opportunités.

Dans sa vison d’améliorer progressivement l’accès à internet en Afrique, et d’asseoir sa domination en Afrique, Google vient de lancer une  expérimentation sur les espaces télévisuels blancs en Afrique du Sud. Pour ceux qui le découvrent, Les espaces télévisuels blancs sont des canaux inutilisés dans le spectre des fréquences de diffusion de la télévision. Ils ont la particularité d’offrir entre autres des opportunités d'améliorer l'accès à Internet car ici les signaux basse fréquence peuvent

Summly has been acquired by Yahoo!: stake and opportunity.

For those who unfamiliar Summly allows you via your mobile to browse news fast, easily and more or less beautifully, by viewing concise summaries of online content.
Founded in 2011, by Nick D'Aloisio a British-Australian entrepreneur, computer programmer and designer. In 2012  the App has been nominated like the best by Apple.

Henceforth FreeBSD 8.4-BETA1 is available for testing: known issues and features.

For those unfamiliar FreeBSD is a free, open source operating system base on UNIX and aims to be one of the most secure, versatile and safest O/S's available. Since March 22, 2013 officially developers have announced the availability of the first BETA build for the FreeBSD-8.4 release. ISO images for the amd64, i386 and pc98 architectures are available on most of our FreeBSD

Guestpost: Learn more about the White House’s Social Innovation initiative and see how you can make your mark.

In creating the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation (SICP), housed within the Domestic Policy Council, President Obama recognized that the best solutions to our challenges will be found in communities across the country. He tasked SICP with engaging individuals, non-profits, the private sector, and government to foster innovation and work together to make greater and more lasting progress on our Nation’s challenges. The Office is focused on doing business differently by promoting service as a solution and a way to develop community

The new Siri Eyes Free feature on Chevrolet new Sonic 2013 model: stake and opportunity.

Henceforth integrated, this feature consists of a button on the steering wheel that calls out Siri from the drivers iPhone. Therefore Sonic became the first car available to integrate Siri. However other companies such as Honda,

Google+ for iOS accommodates major update in Version 4.3.0

Google + is your social companion for your iPhone, and iPad. It allows you stay connected and share life as it happens,  post a photo, video ...or see what friends are sharing.

The new update in version 4.3.0 henceforth available brings: New photo editing features: this means that you can add filters, rotate,