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Unlock the value of marketing data.

Customer expectations are increasingly high in terms of quality, costs and security. In this momentum, marketers need to maximize inter alia:
data from marketing automation and web analytics platforms,
Pull together data sitting in web analytics, email marketing and marketing automation tools and transform it into audience data for targeting,
To use that data to effectively target audiences or maximize the impact of campaigns,
Connect audience data from across disparate marketing solutions to enhance targeting,
Automate workflow to identify an audience,
Classify and categorize audience data,
Avoid long integration cycles,
break down traditional silos and connect the relevant data they need to create great customer experiences
A more integrated approach to managing audience data that allows the customer experience to be inter alia: carefully orchestrated across paid, owned and earned media channels is always exciting.

Mobile transformation of Chinese enterprises.

The rapid development of mobile internet and the popularity of intelligent terminals and apps in China is an unmatched opportunity for businesses and industries to take advantage of mobile and cloud computing technology; help businesses implement secure, cost-effective and scalable cloud-based applications, and inter alia accelerate mobile enterprise adoption for Chinese organizations.
Mobile Enterprise is henceforth a critical choice when it comes to improved employee productivity, customer engagement and business growth. Then salutes the new partnership between IBM and China Telecom to ‘accelerate’ mobile enterprise adoption for Chinese organizations. 
IBM MobileFirst Platform for iOS is one of the key points of this partnership when it comes to build, integrate and secure made-for-business enterprise apps which will be hosted on China Telecom’s cloud.

Analytics into email, calendaring and social sharing to communicate, connect and find the right people and information.

Collaboration solutions to cloud, on premises or in a hybrid environment; intuitive, user-friendly, and modern interface; enterprise-grade security and more, are critical when it comes to give people a new way to connect, communicate and find the right people and information fast.
At we are aware of these game-changer realities, so that, what is also important for us is to help you get to the heart of the most important matters quickly. 
Intuitive, user-friendly, and modern social messaging solution that incorporates built-in analytics is an actionable asset susceptible to streamline how people connect, work, communicate and find the right people, data and information fast, if this solution focuses inter alia on: users’ most important people; critical actions; unique user preferences and priorities over time; instant context on people and teams. 
For informational purpose only, recalls that, IBM Verse Basic can help you experience this approach.