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L’Enterprise Technical preview de Windows 10 : téléchargement, tendances et recommandations.

En attendant la feuille de route pour les développeurs sous Windows 10, la communication sur les évolutions de Windows Server, avec le nouveau Windows 10, dont la version définitive est attendue en mi-2015, il n’ya pas de véritable surprises.
Mais cette nouvelle monture disponible gratuitement en téléchargement sur, tient compte des tendances actuelles en matière de simplicité, sécurité et de productivité. 
On, peut ainsi observer que Windows 10 s'adapte désormais selon la machine utilisée (même noyau central) ; parler de l’unification des boutiques d’applications de Microsoft. Technical Preview (Build 9841) sera compatible exclusivement qu’avec les machines x86. 
Le nouveau menu Démarrer, les bureaux virtuels et l’exécution d’applis Metro dans une fenêtre sont ainsi au programme de l’Enterprise Technical preview.
Snap Assist’ est une nouveauté pour naviguer entre les Bureaux Virtuels et ‘Continuum’ pour les utilisateurs de Windows sur des machines 2 en un. Gestio…

The New Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 are now Available for download and trial: trends and recommendations.

If unfamiliar,, soon #Retinknow talks about application and desktop virtualization solutions. The most exciting with this new release announced last month is its focusing on user experience, security and manageability. Available for download and trial, you can learn more by checking out the What’s New in XenApp 7.6 and What’s New in XenDesktop 7.6 pages on You can also watch the recordingof the Citrix’s September 10th webinar on the topic., soon #Retinknow highly encourages you to attend Citrix’s October 7, 2014 webinar, an Introduction to XenApp 7.6 Upgrade Planning.

The mass market biometric identification solutions landscape: stakes, trends and recommendations.

Indeed, we are still at the early stage of this industry, but it is progressively exciting to observe that disruptive players of this nascent industry focus significantly on simplicity and the end-to-end security to improve user experience., soon #Retinknow can observe that fingerprint scanners built into Apple and Samsung smartphones lead the trend. Apple’s Touch ID replaces the traditional PIN code for payment cards via Apple Pay. 
Apple henceforth gives third-party developers access to the Touch ID application programming interface (API), enabling integration of its biometric identification method into iOS apps. Samsung has also introduced its fingerprint scanner earlier this year. Financial institutions begin to react including the US branchless bank Simple and Australia’s Bank of Melbourne. 
It is also encouraging to observe that major wallet operators: PayPal and Alipay have upgraded their apps to allow users to sign in and authorise payments by swiping their fing…

The convergence of two-factor authentication and biometric identification in digital-wallet industry: stakes, realities and recommendations.

In our ever challenging digital world, where cyberattacks are more and more sophisticated, and where our digital presence is one of our most critical assets,, soon #Retinknow recalls that the nowadays’ best approach, when it comes to secure digital-wallets, is the combination of the two-factor authentication and biometric identification., soon #Retinknow is excited to observe that PayPal (a global provider) and Alipay (Chinese giant, on the road to conquer the Asian market) have upgraded their apps to allow users to sign in and authorise payments by swiping their finger. Both wallets offer wide acceptance by ecommerce merchants. PayPal offers the same experience for in-store transactions, while Alipay paves its way.

Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s x86 server business: here is what matters for enterprises.

The longstanding strategic alliance between IBM and Lenovo is one of the most profitable and promising in tech’s industry. IBM definitely turns to software-as-services, while Lenovo focuses on hardware-as-services with a vision to drive profitable growth and build Lenovo into a global enterprise leader., soon #Retinknow, recalls that the history of collaboration began in 2005 when Lenovo acquired IBM’s PC business, including the ThinkPad line of PCs. 
Henceforth with Motorola Mobility from Google in its assets, Lenovo with this new acquisition,  extends its capabilities in enterprise hardware and services.
At, soon #Retinknow, we are also seduced to observe that this china-based company, strongly demonstrates the confidence they have earned based inter alia on their consistent track record as a responsible global investor and as an ambitious technology provider.
Lenovo is acquiring System x, BladeCenter and Flex System blade servers and switches, x86-…

Our Cyber Awareness System focuses on: OS X bash Update 1.0 and Bash vulnerability affecting Unix-based operating systems., soon #Retinknow’s global Cyber Awareness system, recalls that Apple has released OS X bash Update 1.0 to address vulnerabilities found in the Bourne-again Shell (bash) which could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary shell commands. Therefore,, soon #Retinknow recommends users and administrators review Apple Security Update HT6495, TA14-268A, Vulnerability Note VU#252743 and the Redhat Security Article for additional details. Overall,, soon #Retinknow is aware of a Bash vulnerability affecting Unix-based operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X. Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on an affected system. We recommend users and administrators review TA14-268AVulnerability Note VU#252743 and the Redhat Security Blog for additional details and to refer to their respective Linux or Unix-based OS vendor(s) for an appropriate patch. A GNU Bash patch is also available for …

A digital platform for the fitness industry, an ed-tech startup and a consumer credit startup.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world.
Netpulse, (Founded in 2009 , a digital platform for the fitness industry), has raised $18.6 million in a new round of funding led by Nokia Growth Partners with participation from August Capital, Javelin Venture Partners, DFJ Frontier and Docomo Capital, soon #Retinknow, recalls that Netpulse provides a digital engagement platform that integrates new fitness technology with club management systems to help fitness clubs engage with and measure results of members. Netpulse has raised nearly $40 million to date.
Remind, (Founded in 2011, an ed-tech startup based in San Francisco), has raised $40 million in a Series C round led by existing investor Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers with participation from Social + Capital Partnership and First Round. Remind has cr…

Citrix XenDesktop Automated Provisioning with CloudPlatform: stakes, opportunities and recommendations.

Our mobility-driven world also means wide ranging data flow and challenges to harness these data. 
This means inter alia that enterprises need holistic ways to streamline the management, resource utilization and efficiency of operating these environments.
The flexibility, scalability and agility provided by cloud architectures are henceforth critical when it comes to increased business continuity, greater agility and flexibility, improved resource utilization and increased speed of deployment., soon #Retinknow salutes the commitment of Citrix, when it comes to changing the way IT delivers applications, desktops and data to the mobile workforce with solutions that can transform any Windows application or desktop into a cloud service delivered across any network, to any device. 
Beyond challenges in traditional XenDesktop/XenApp environments related to scalability, (hypervisor-based deployments may encounter increased operational complexity and difficulty in scaling on de…