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Voice Control as the Bedrock for Smart Home Applications

One can easily observe that, there is a lack of standardization when it comes to Voice Control capabilities and voice control systems. Then, Apple, Amazon, and Google, all have their own approaches and ways of leveraging their voice capabilities to extend and support their core businesses.
While Siri and Google Now are well-established smartphone features, many experts are predicting that, it is in the smart home that voice control systems will unveil their full potential. 
In effect, Smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart plugs, cameras, doorbells, smart lighting, to name a few, will extend the reach and simplicity of managing the smart home environment using voice.
Voice control which combines speech recognition and natural language processing is on an interesting curve to become the key user interface within the smart home.
ABI Research is forecasting more than 120 million voice-enabled devices will be ship annually by 2021.

Stereo, surround and 3D sound on virtual reality and mobile devices

Steadily and surely, Fraunhofer IIS, through Cingo is achieving optimized sound quality and best possible user experience when playing stereo, surround and 3D sound on virtual reality and mobile devices. 
Cingo is billed now as the leading VR headphone playback solution for immersive audio content whereas HE-AAC efficiently delivers surround and ambisonic audio. 
Cingo is available from Fraunhofer as a product-ready software implementation for mobile device manufacturers, chip set vendors and providers of multimedia services.

Immersive audio for virtual reality on Alcatel’s VISION

From hype or as a marketing tool, virtual reality is emerging now as a real stake within industries and verticals. Popular virtual game Pokémon Go is a veritable excitement to consumers and enterprises.
On Alcatel’s VISION, we have at the core of stakes: immersive audio content, and immersive audio experience to virtual reality devices and applications.
In effect, Alcatel has integrated Fraunhofer Cingo and the high-quality audio codec, High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC), into their new product VISION, enabling users of Alcatel’s VISION to hear the sound of 360 degree content from all directions and in the most exciting way.

Use of e-commerce to stimulate trade between Canada and China

In our ever-connected, Alibaba as one of the world's biggest online shopping site, serves now as a gateway to 400 million Chinese consumers.
Canadian businesses of all sizes are aware of stakes. In effect, this week, AlibabaGroup Executive Chairman Jack Ma and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled a declaration of cooperation that will strengthen efforts to promote trade between Canadian small and medium sized businesses and Chinese consumers.  The two sides are strategizing on how to use e-commerce to stimulate trade, with opportunities for Canadian small and medium-sized exporters. 
It was launched with more than 30 businesses participating, selling more than 100 products. It will feature special promotions for unique Canadian products such as apparel, ice wine, maple syrup, seafood and health products.

Broad use cases that 5G should address

Pending the release of complete 5G specification, it remains clear that, 5G is not necessarily about radio; it's also about an era in which mobile networks can help users to transform other industries. On this momentum, as prime candidates to fulfill the use cases, the 3GPP's RAN Workshop reached agreement on three broad use cases that 5G should address: Enhanced mobile broadbandMassive machine-type communicationsUltra-reliable and low-latency communicationsIn effect, ‘’Massive" communications, for example, indicates the need to use higher-frequency spectrum, which in turn points to advanced MIMO, advanced beam forming and beam tracking. "low-latency" communications points to the need for a more decentralized network architecture.

Ericsson on its components of a 5G access network

We are still at the early stages when it comes to 5G access networks in terms deployments, specifications, standards and maturation.

At Ericsson, the excitement is real and very ambitious; so that, the launch of its new AIR 6468 cellular radio focuses lots of hopes. Ericsson stated that together with the 5G Plug-Ins announced in June, and the (already available) Radio System Baseband 5216, it now offers all the components of a 5G access network. 
Then, one can observe that, AIR 6468 embodies advanced antenna technology that enables beamforming, massive MIMO and multi-user MIMO. The new radio will become commercially available in mid-2017.