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Microsoft Visio 2016 Step by Step

When it comes to learning made easy, it is clear that, efficient lessons and colorful screenshots that show you exactly what to do, step by step are indispensable. 
Scott A. Helmers is a Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Visio has helped companies create custom Visio add-ins to enhance organizational efficiency and employee productivity.
Its new e-book focusing on Microsoft Visio 2016 can help you step-by-step deeply leverage this productivity solution to document and improve all of the important aspects of any business process. 
You can purchase it from these online retailers:
Microsoft Press Store
Barnes & Noble
Independent booksellers.

The dynamic behind Open-Source Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

Stakes related to sustainable development and streamlined production and productivity within industries are progressively mastered when it comes to Internet of Things (IoT).
Therefore, many exciting initiatives emerge with the final goal to streamline each step, capability and environment. 
Among these exciting initiatives we the dynamic behind Open-Source Internet of Things (IoT) Platform that features inter alia:
open-source, open API (Application Programming Interface) architecture,
Global-scale IoT platform – built using open-source architecture ,
Compelling functionality and full interoperability in order to seamlessly integrate with a vast array of IoT-centric tools, technologies, and software,
The management of IoT products and related services ,
Secure acquisition and consumption of contextual data,
The efficient creation and deployment of IoT-based services,
For those who are unfamiliar, recalls that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a powerful way to capture, coll…