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Apple and Microsoft lead the Detachable Tablets market in New Zealand

Microsoft continues to enhance its identification as a premium vendor, by introducing higher-end models and reducing its low-end range. However, Microsoft is facing increasing competition from the wide range of detachable models, running windows operating system, on the market.

According to IDC’s New Zealand, Apple captured the top spot in 2016, with a total market share of 32%. In number two was Microsoft, with a total market share of 31%. The firm reveals that, a total of 80,000 detachables were shipped in to the New Zealand market in 2016, increasing from 55,000 in 2015, growth of around 45% year on year. HP (9%), Samsung (7%), and Acer (7%) made up the remaining top five vendors for the year, with the rest of the market accounting for less than 15% of shipments.

Collaborator + GitLab, Atlassian’s Bitbucket and GitHub within peer code and document review tool industry

A new momentum at SmartBear Software, interesting player in software quality tools for teams, who has released a new version of Collaborator, peer code and document review tool that helps development, testing and management teams work together to produce high quality code, applications and services.
The latest release of Collaborator adds a new integration with GitLab and has enhanced existing integrations with Atlassian’s Bitbucket and GitHub. Very important to recall that, now Collaborator, (peer code and document review tool) integrates with the three largest repository management solutions. These integrations provide the crucial flexibility for development teams to leverage a single peer code and document review tool across teams, regardless of the repository or version control tools they are using.

Enterprise Application Access is designed to address the limitations of traditional remote access

We live now in an ever-connected data-driven era where it is clear that, the convergence of mobile computing, cloud adoption and the expansion of enterprise digital ecosystems is not only changing where mission‑critical applications are hosted, but also who needs to access them and with what devices.
In this environment, Enterprise Application Access is designed to address the limitations of traditional remote access by offering a new approach to providing access to applications hosted in corporate data centers or hybrid cloud environments. I can observe that, it provides an alternative to traditional remote and third-party access technologies such as VPNs, RDP and proxies. With Enterprise Application Access, applications are hidden from the Internet and public exposure; allowing closing of all inbound firewall ports while permitting authenticated end users to access only specific, authorized applications. Enterprise Application Access integrates data path protection, identity access, …

The most interesting regarding Collaborative Education Platform

At the core of stakes, we have the ability to empower teachers to have meaningful interactions and better insights into student performance.
A Collaborative Education Platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard for teachers to discover content, assess, and analyze student work; and for students to stay organized, submit work, and get feedback in a timely manner. Teachers evolve from using an archaic formula to a much more holistic approach that assigns a grade to homework, test performance, and understanding individual student needs and achievements. Teachers also have more insights about each student and engaged in deep conversations about how they could help each other and reach their full potential. For informational purpose only, Kiddom will use the new capital ($6.5 million in total financing led by Khosla Ventures investment partner Keith Rabois) to build additional products and features to accelerate the company’s vision of building an operating system for K-12 education. Kiddom is…

From Basic wearables as single-purpose to multi-purpose wearable devices

I have a pleasure to recall that, Basic wearables started out as single-purpose devices tracking footsteps and are morphing into multi-purpose wearable devices, fusing together multiple health and fitness capabilities and smartphone notifications. For many analysts, it's enough to blur the lines against most smart wearables, to the point where first generation smartwatches are not better than most fitness trackers.

Many factors need to be taken into account before the implementation of digital signatures and e-signatures

I have a pleasure to recall that, digital signatures and e-signatures can streamline business operations and result in significant savings. However, before introducing these signatures, many factors need to be taken into account like suppliers’ location, service providers, regional regulations, and software types.

Digital signatures versus e-signatures in our ever-connected era

For those who are unfamiliar, a digital signature is electronic data, which gets embedded into a document to verify the identity of an individual, and helps in avoiding any tampering activity after the document has been signed. This type of signature complies with national security regulations and hence is acceptable by many organizations across the world. An e-signature, on the contrary, is essentially a digital version of a physical signature that is more user-friendly and allows a person to sign with a pen or by using their fingers. However, e-signatures are not as severely regulated as digital signatures.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies impacting financial transactions and financial services

One can clearly observe that, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are disintermediating financial transactions and disrupting financial services; they also have the potential to disintermediate and disrupt data management, integration and governance processes and technologies, thereby making data trusted, available, secure, and compliant for everyone. IDC believes that blockchain innovations will provide data with integrity: data that is trusted, secure, compliant, and available to all parties that have an interest.